Not Rug Related

Today I again only have a short time to write a few words. It was a mostly steady day of phone calls and clients picking up their clean area rugs. A little side note, next week I am on vacation so there will not be any posts from me. Don’t get jealous I am only going to Edmonton, Alberta where there is snow and very cold temperatures. I am going to love it!
Okay, so for the last four hours, in between clients, I have been fixing a mail out list for my boss. I feel that I shouldn’t have had to fix anything because the addresses should have been done correctly by the addressee.
When you fill out a ballot or a form to receive more information PLEASE fill it out completely, correctly and readable to others.
It is a small inconvenience when you are doing a mail out and half of the stuff comes back because of insufficient information. Plus if you are from a different country there is no way to know if all the right address is there. I do use online address check websites for verification, but it is a time waster when you have to find zip codes for 25 addresses and doesn’t have every address in the world.
On a more upbeat note I am almost finished the mail out for our international clients and the day is almost over, so I get to go home and watch some hockey. Hopefully the Canucks can disappoint the Detroit fans tonight.!! I should mention that we received three Gabbeh area rugs today for cleaning, my favorite rugs. I felt bad that I didn’t say much about area rugs today so I threw that in there for you.
Thank you for reading, RugloverMary

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