Rug Cleaner’s Dream? or Nightmare?

Hooray! I am back from my Edmonton adventure broke, but more fashionable. I love West Edmonton Mall! You could so tell that I was a tourist in Edmonton. Not a lot of snow, just enough to satisfy my longing for it. I just remembered I didn’t get to throw a snowball because the snow was soft and not moist enough to do so. Next year, maybe.

Back to work and back to area rugs.
Yesterday I had the pleasure of receiving the dirtiest rug I have ever seen. It was in the home of someone who never took their work boots off and it showed. When I was unrolling it to see the shape and size, clouds of dust were coming out of the ends and we were unrolling very slowly. I love getting in dirty rugs because that is when the WOW! factor gets to be off the charts. The rug owner will be very pleased with the results and will not want to put it back into the home of the person who never took their boots off. It was impossible to tell if there were any stains other than the dirt it contained.
This picture shows the rug it unrolled and you can start to see what the rug once was. It looks like the colours are red and cream, but we will have to wait until it is cleaned to find out for sure.
It is a good idea to have a mat/rug at your front door, but it you are not going to care for it use a synthetic rug, not a good hand-knotted Persian rug as this client did.
I am not sure how long this rug was used to collect this much loose dirt. All I do know is that this dirt has the potential to do a lot of damage to the wool pile. Gritty dirt acts like little razor blades against the wool and causes the pile to break and wear away faster than it should.

This is all the dirt that fell out just from unrolling the rug and rolling it back up.  If nothing else, after the rug is cleaned it will be about 10 lbs lighter. It would have been nice to see all the dirt our rug badger took out. You can learn more about the rug badger at

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

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