Old Rugs add charm

Hooray today is my birthday!I say this with every ounce of sarcasm I have because I do not like my birthday, climbing up the age ladder is not my idea of a good time. For the record I am 28 and next year I will still be 28. To be honest I have been 28 for a few years now, but just keep that between us. I did get a wicked b-day present from my BF and friends, I get to see the Vancouver Canucks play live!!!! I am thrill to say the least.

Back onto the topic of rugs. I much prefer aging area rugs. Every day I get to walk on a 100+ yr old runner. It is still beautiful even though it doesn’t have very much pile left on it and the sides were recently re-wrapped. Clients love it and some try not to walk on it especially after we tell them how old it is. Our shop is filled with rugs on the floor, giving our shop an authentic rug shop feel.

We have nine area rugs in our entry and all are different and add great charm. In the top right hand of the picture you can see a chair that is covered in an orange Dhurrie. A great use for an area rug that may have damage on one end. Another good use is to get the rug turned into cushion covers.



Clients tell us that they love the feel of our shop. It takes them back to when they were traveling and bought their area rug. For the clients who don’t own a hand-knotted rug yet, our entry gets them inquiring about where to buy such a rug.






Thank You for reading, RugloverMary!

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