I should have paid more attention in Chemistry class

I wanted to title this post: Today’s Dinner Special-Annoying Cough with Scratchy Dry Throat, but I figured it should reflect something about area rug cleaning.
Back in December 2007 I took a carpet and upholstery cleaning course. I did very well considering that I don’t clean either of them. The key to getting carpet, area rugs, and furniture very clean is not more power, it is chemistry. Too many moons ago I aced Chemistry 11 and 12, I loved the periodic table and finding out how chemicals reacted together. Today I cannot remember much from those fun fill classes, but rug cleaning is bringing a little of it back.
Cleaning is all about neutralizing, bring the area rug back to a pH level between 4.5 and 8.5. I wish there was an easy way to educate and re-program our clients about spot removal. I cringe when I hear that someone used baking soda on their wool area rug. Club soda isn’t as nasty as I thought, but it does depend on the spill. I am pretty sure that people are not pH testing their spills to see if it is acidic or alkaline, be great if they did though.
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

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