Silks are It

I am back from the dead or at least that is what it feels like. I have been very sick for three weeks now, but I am finally on the mend.
I am glad I worked today because we got a lovely 100% silk rug in for cleaning. I don’t get to see many real silk rugs, mostly the viscose knock offs. The wonderful lady who owns the rug custom ordered it from China. The colours of the rug where dyed after it was woven. It was the tan caramel colour before the wonderful dying.

The stripes are achieved by cut and looped pile.

It is a rug that screams,”Look at me! Love me!”.

A close up of the two different piles.
Besides being a beautiful rug, it has a great memory for the owner and is very inviting to all who look at it. The rug is 5 by 8 feet and after it is cleaned we will wrap it up in Tyvek for storage. The owner just received three wonderful Nepalese rugs and they will adorn her floors for a while. The lady who owns these rugs is very passionate about her area rugs and knows her stuff, she was a real treat to serve today.
Thanks for reading RugloverMary

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