Goat Hair Rug

There hasn’t been too much happening on the dirty rug front, except a lot of pet urine. If the smell doesn’t get to you, telling the rug owner that the yellow stains are permanent does. From my experience all yellow stains on wool area rugs are Permanent. It doesn’t matter if it was a bathroom for your pet or (cringe) baking soda as a spot remover. Just to let you know baking soda isn’t recommended as a spot cleaner especially for wool.
Last week I had the wonderful experience of see my first all goat hair area rug. The warps, wefts and pile were all goat hair. When I told the client how special her rug is, she was a little embarrassed to say that she uses it as a front entry rug. I told her that is why area rugs are made is to be used. I like goat hair more than camel-hair rugs. I have a mental/moral reaction with touching a camel-hair area rug.

The rug is 2.5×3 feet. What baffles me a little bit is that the brown/greyish fibers is blue on the back. I looked at the base of the fiber and it is brown/greyish all the down. I am sure there is an explanation, hopefully someone out there can let me know.

This shows the colour difference between the front and back.

The back.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary.

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