A Language I can Understand

In my last post I wrote about how rug books talked a different language than most of us. I have a unique prospective in this business we call rug cleaning. A year ago I knew nothing about rugs and how to clean them, heck I knew nothing about carpet either except that it got dirty too fast. My lack of knowledge has helped me with my job. I’ve had to learn everything for the beginning by reading, observing and asking questions. I like to think that when a client asks me a question I answer them in a language they understand.
I use industry jargon , but also use layman’s terms as well because a happy client is an educated client, so don’t be afraid to explain the quirks of the rug such as pile reversal (ok. I just tried to find a proper definition and came up blank, so bear with my definition)when the direction of the pile goes in different directions, it looks like there is a stain on the rug. To test for pile direction, rub your hand over the rug, if it goes from soft to coarse feeling that is pile reversal and is permanent.
I was looking through a dictionary to find a word and came across a very inaccurate definition for anorexia, anorex’y n. loss of appetite. A loss of appetite my butt! I am not even going to comment any further on that!
So back to my kind of language; I mentioned ‘lazy lines’ in my previous blog and here are different definitions from two rug books:
A) Lazy Lines: Diagonal lines visible from the back of a knotted rug caused by successive rows of turnarounds of discontinuous wefts. This occurs when only a portion of the width of a rug is woven at one time.
B) Lazy Lines: Occurs when the weaver does not move across the width of the rug and carry the weft from left terminal to right terminal warp, but carries the weft only as far as her arms can reach. Hence the term “lazy lines.” With wear, the areas of discontinuous wefts become visible as diagonal lines.
I came across definition ‘A’ first and found ‘B’ today while I was doing some dust removal and decided that was what my blog topic would be.
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

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