Lost Rug Passion

I must apologize for my lack of blog writing. Nothing has change with work or anything, clients are still bringing in dirty area rugs and taking clean and healthy ones home. The only thing that has changed is me.

I’ve lost my passion for area rugs. It got lost in the shuffle of the day-to-day and I am still working on getting it back. A month ago a client brought in a Gabbeh and that didn’t get me out of it, but then about two weeks ago a Chobi area rug was brought in for cleaning and that stirred a little passion. It has been a while since we’ve had a Chobi in for cleaning and I love Chobi area rugs. I would like to blame my lack of passion for my job on my personal life, but I try very hard to keep my personal life separate from my job. Take today for instance I am dealing with a chipped heart and you would never know it, I just look a little tired (which I am). My co-workers know that I am not that happy inside but I am at work and that is what I am concentrating on.
Someone told me today that it was very brave of me to say that I was dealing with a chipped heart (I say chipped and not broken because it wasn’t a long thing). I found this perplexing. Why would it be brave of me to admit that I was human and had feelings? I am a very open person and have no problem expressing myself, hence the chipped heart, but I understand that some people have a hard time with saying how they feel.
Okay enough of that back to work and my lost rug Passion.
This job I have of being the front shop “girl” has so many opportunities and potential. Unfortunately my boss cannot tap into all my creative wants but some it would be nice to do. I would love to learn how to do hand repairs, do surging and binding of edges and learn more about area rugs in general. I am a hands on learner so reading about rugs on the Internet doesn’t keep my attention very long. I need to be able to feel, see and explore to understand fully.

Today I can feel autumn in the air. I have heard the ducks and geese staring their migration south, lucky birds. Soon it is back to school cleaning, same as spring cleaning just different month. We get a surge of area rugs to clean in Sept. because now that all the family and visitors have gone home it is time to freshen up and remove the summer time dirt. I just had a horrid thought: Soon it will be Thanksgiving (in Canada), then Halloween (my favorite holiday) and then GULP! Christmas. Where has the year gone? This picture is from our doorway, there were ducks in the picture, but by the time I focused the camera they were out of sight.It is a cloudy almost gloomy day here in Victoria, BC.

This has been one unforgettable year that is for sure, especially work wise. The fire will not be forgotten any time soon, mostly because of our shrunken office space. I miss having the cement tubes to store the rugs in. It was fast and easy to find the clients area rug, not so much now. I really, really don’t like taking 1-2 minutes looking for a rug when you know it is here, but then you get that sinking feeling that we called them too soon and their rug isn’t ready for pick up. It makes me feel incompetent, a feeling I do not like to feel and have felt a lot since we had to move to our new location.
This is how we have our rugs that are ready to go home
These are the rugs that are five feet and under. I must add a little note to my boss. My feelings of incompetence and frustration are not directed towards him in any way. I miss our old shop and how it was setup and the system we had there. Change isn’t one of my strong points, unless I am in control of it and the fire through me for a loop I wasn’t prepared for emotionally. It wouldn’t matter what if our new rug cleaning shop was the same size as our old one, it still wouldn’t feel the same. It is like visiting a relative you haven’t seen since you were young and the awkwardness that goes with that. That is how I feel, you have all the old memories, but they don’t correspond to the current surroundings.
This is where the large rugs rest before going home.

Enough of that. I have explained my feelings toward the move from Oak St so many times now that I am sick of it so you probably are too.
Writing this blog today should help get me back on track and write more like I used to.
Thanks for reading RugloverMary

4 thoughts on “Lost Rug Passion

  1. >Mary, I’ve been in the rug biz most of my life. I’ve also coached almost a thousand business owners. I find that loss of passion is usually a combination of exhaustion, not having a bigger exciting future, and not feeling that you have control over your world.You may only need a simple vacation to charge your batteries … or look at who you have around you (are they battery chargers? that always helps…)I’ll suggest two VERY short, and VERY powerful books that you could read in a day – that will kick start you, and give you a completely different outlook on your business.1) The Dip by Seth Godin (very helpful whenever you feel you are cuaght in a rut)2) The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly – one of the most inspirational business books I’ve read in a decade … this will make your heart sing.I hope you grab them … and then share them with others. If you do, please let me know. I’d love to hear what you think.My hats off to you for making a difference by running a business. Most people don’t have the courage to do that (or the energy) – so you are a hero in my book for that.the rug chic,Lisa Wagner

  2. >Passion for anything we hold dear to us waxes and wanes over time. I’ve found that life’s stresses (like yours, professionally and personally) can often cause those shining parts of our lives to lose some of their lustre.From reading your other blog posts, its my guess that your depth of passion that you have toward your career will rise again to the surface as you go through the next few days and weeks.One of the great things about what you do is that every day brings a new challenge. You never know what type of rug will come by next, or what special challenges that it will bring to you. Let me close by thanking you for showing me a good example of a great blog. I’m afraid my own blogs are a bit too technical and “distant”, and lack warmth.You’ve given me encouragement to open up a bit, and do a better job with my blogging. Thanks Mary.Jim Pemberton

  3. >guess what Mary!?!?!Your not the only one! It happended to me…I suddenly lost it…Why IDK…NO IDEA! However…A passion can subside BUT it will never go away…Im started to find rugs interesting again so im back on the forum and hitting the books!Dont worry…my suggestion. Think of ways to fire it up again! Make challanges ask questions but dont let your passion bury itself!Hey be grateful…You can ID WAAAAAAAYY better than me and that should give you reason to fire up again!Over and out!Pablo aka I AM PABLO

  4. >Thanks for doing such an honest blog Mary. We are all feeling out of sorts and out of rythm since the fire. I find it really gives me much better perspective for when others are going through similer situations. I think a lot of readers will understand how you are feeling. (your boss)

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