The Moore Cleaning Machine

This week my boss “Dusty” has been cleaning out the old shop. It is amazing how much stuff was in there from boxes of papers to a huge rug washing machine. It is the rug washing machine I would like to write about today.
If you are looking to start-up an area rug cleaning business or need to expand your existing area rug cleaning shop, does Dusty have a deal for you.
The Moore Rug washing machine is the finest area rug cleaning machine out there. It shampoos, rinses and extracts all in one machine. The following is the ad that Dusty has written with some edits by me. Any and all inquires will be answered by him. Please note that Dusty is located in the Pacific time zone, so keep in mind when you are phoning from another time zone you may not get an answer at 3:00am Pacific time, he he!


The finest automatic rug washing equipment on the planet is for sale because of the fire in the building where our rug plant was.

Anyone looking for full automatic area rug cleaning equipment?

Maybe your current Moore washer is ready to retire or your business is hugely busy..Perhaps you are a visionary and can see your business growing over the next little while and you will be needing a time-saving machine like this!

We purchased a used Moore machine a couple of years ago and gave it a huge overhaul. The bottom end and frame are better than new and all other parts have been examined and replaced as needed. The new part is all white. The green part is original, but all worn parts have been replaced, it just needs a coat of paint, possible your business colours or Rug Badger red, but I did not get this done before we had to vacate the building.

You could pay 100k for a Moore area rug washing machine, but if you call Dusty before Sept 15th, 2008 you can have this Moore machine for the great price of 70k! This will include setting it onto a truck or shipping container, boxes of new rubber scrubber fingers and he will even include a fresh set of feeder and rinse bed belts all for the great price of 70k. After Sept 15th, 2008 the rigging and setting it onto a truck will have to be paid by the purchaser so don’t delay!

Specs: 16′ wide roller-jet model. Originally built-in 1980
Footprint is about 8’x 19′ and runs on 208v 3 phase power.

Feel free to contact me for more pics and info.

Area rug washing and carpet cleaning equipment for sale.
If you are interested in smaller rug cleaning equipment such as a rug duster or beater, rug wringer or centrifuge or even a dry tower to hang wet rugs on for quick drying then check out our website at:

Note that all white area is new and painted with the highest quality epoxy paint for decades of rust free service. Green area is original with all parts replaced as needed. These green parts just need a quick paint job, but we did not get this done due to the fire.

Stephen “Dusty” Roberts
866 885 7847
250 590-6210

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