Revisiting the Past

Today I took a trip down memory lane and skimmed all of my past blog’s. I have a hard time re-reading anything I have written, be it an area rug blog or a poem. I over analyze and want to change it, but over all my rug blog’s aren’t bad. The tone of my area rug blog’s have seemed to mature some what, but that could just be the fact that I am more comfortable writing them. One of my favorite rug blog titles is, ‘I am F.I.N.E, thanks for not asking’, it cracks me up even though the rug blog is about something else.

This week at work, the whole two days, has been busy with clients picking up their clean area rugs. We got to spare a husband from his wife’s wrath which was very good. Their rug has a colourful history with us. They brought it in a 3×5 Karastan area rug in April 2008 for cleaning, that was the month there was the fire in our building, and they had to wait 6 weeks to get it back.

It had a repair done to it during its visit with us. It came back to us two weeks ago because it got red wine spilt on it. My co-worker and I both guessed that it was red wine as soon as we saw it which didn’t put the husband at ease at all, he thought that he was going to be in hot water, but all went well the red wine disappeared because they brought it in right away and didn’t try to get it out themselves.

I just did a search on Google using the search words ‘rug blog’ and guess what? my blog that I plugged with the keywords was on page one. When I used the search words ‘area rug blog’ the same blog popped up on page three. I am not obsessed as to where my area rug blog pops up, but it is very good exposure and it makes the boss happy and that is what it really comes down too. Okay that is a bit of a lie. I love being on the first page of Google because it makes me feel that I am doing something right and what I write matters to someone other than me.
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

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