Crazy weather

It was a very nice sunny warm day here in Victoria BC. It reached 25 degrees Celsius in the shop today and outside was 9 degrees Celsius.

I had to open the door to the shop because it got too warm. We have a west-facing wall of four big windows and the sun shines through from 11 AM until sunset. It is predicted to be sunny and warm all week and into the weekend, but we will see.

I never trust the weather people. When I want to know what the weather is like I go outside. Much more effective than hoping the weather person is right. Plus they seem to always say it will be cloudy with sunny periods and slight possibility of showers. You can’t be wrong when you cover all your bases.

Every Tuesday I come to work wondering what the day and week will have in store for me. Tuesday’s are usually a busy phone call day with me returning messages left on the weekend and making reminder calls for clients to pick up their area rugs. Plus with all the calls we receive throughout the day.

The good thing about the sun shining is that people start to see how dirty their area rugs have gotten over the winter months. Since we didn’t get a lot of rain this year we didn’t get the mass of flooded rugs.

Saturday was a huge drop off the rug for cleaning day for us. We had a lot of larger (9×12) rugs and some are very dusty rugs. We had to turn away two cream synthetic shags.

The cat was using them as a litter box. There was no way we could have gotten enough of the smell out to make them use able 😦 We don’t like to turn away rugs, but some are just too far gone to be saved.

We had two British India’s dropped off that we had to dispose of. They were 3×5 and had moth activity and pet urine odour. To clean, do our moth and odour treatments, with unknown on the results of odour removal, was more than the client was willing to invest.

She didn’t really want the rugs, so she wasn’t that upset. If there was a sentimental value to them or they were a more valuable rug we would have gone ahead with the work.

Our clients appreciate our honesty when we tell them the cleaning expectations for their area rugs. If we know that we cannot exceed or meet our clients expectations we will let them know.

This is what waited for me on February 6th when I came into work. No big surprise that it was my birthday. I was 28, give or take a few years, Hehe! A huge vase of 24 tulips and a big balloon!

My boss is great! I love tulips! They were on my coffee table until they exploded and I had to finally admit that they were dead. I still have the balloon tied to the vase in my bedroom.

When I got on the bus that night the bus driver opened the door and wished me a happy birthday! I do find it a bit embarrassing that people knew it was my birthday. I don’t like to open gifts or have people sing Happy Birthday to me. I enjoy getting attention, but not the limelight.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

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