>Fall back in love with your Persian Area Rug

>Two weeks ago today we had this Persian area rug brought in. It belonged to the husband’s mother and she had it for years.

They were now taking ownership of it and needed to have it cleaned and repaired. The wife also wanted to know how old the rug was and what kind of Persian it was. I did my magic of posting a picture of it on the Rug hub. It is the site for rug cleaners to ask questions and share their rug knowledge.

The response I got was that it was probably made in the 1920’s, so it is almost an antique, and is a Heriz. To learn more about Persian Heriz rugs visit www.spongobongo.com/Perk3.htm

The Heriz is just under 8 feet by 11.5 feet. The ends were fraying to the point where the body of the area rug was getting damaged. Our hand repair guy evened up the ends and did an over stitch to stop the rug from fraying anymore.

The owners of the rug were very happy with the results. After we cleaned the rug, the colours brightened and it became soft again.

It wasn’t hard to fall back in love with their Persian Heriz area rug. They have brought us the rest of their area rugs for cleaning and some we did a machine repair to. We edged them with binding and surging.

Another happy client and another example that your area rug may not be ready to retire just yet.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

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