>Treasures can be found

>I am awaiting the arrival of spring to our fine city of Victoria, BC. We had snow near the end of February and it is has been cold ever since. It is suppose to rain next week so maybe it will warm up then.

The other day I was doing a Google search for area rug blogs, I randomly search to see where I land on Google. There are way too many sites selling area rugs and not enough talking about area rugs.

Some of the sites I looked at would benefit from an overhaul from a different web designer. The sites are either way too busy or hard to navigate to find out any good information.

As I was getting up to the double digits in Google pages I came across a site that caught my attention. The only thing remember about the site was that they needed to use a better font size and colour. Even with the font issue it did lead me to a another site that is very beneficial.

If you are a carpet cleaner, a carpet installer, or an area rug cleaner this should get the brain cogs moving. Instantly bind or serge extra pieces of carpet into beautiful area rugs. Click http://www.instabind.com/ to find out what I am talking about.

It is a very easy way to edge carpet, don’t think it would work very well on area rugs.

I have decided to write another blog about area rugs. This blog will concentrate more on the history and technical side of area rugs.

I hope you enjoy my new blog.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

One thought on “>Treasures can be found

  1. >I know what you mean about Google and rug blogs most of the blogs are pretty poor just trying to cash in on some advertising and not particularly informative, although there are some pretty good ones out there too.

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