>Pakistan area rug

We had a Pakistan wool area rug brought to Luv-A-Rug in need of some love. The fringes were worn off and the sides were fraying. At some point latex glue was applied to the edges of the rug to prevent more fraying. As you can see from this photo of the back that it didn’t completely stop it from fraying more. After we cleaned the rug we did a surged edge on all four sides.

The Pakistan rug had to be trimmed back several inches to even it up, but unless you know it was done it is hard to tell. Many people do not know that we can make their area rugs lovable again just by doing a repair. Sometimes just removing the fringes and doing a surged or binding edge can renew the life of your area rug and your love for it.

We can also do hand repairs as well as machine repairs. The hand repairs are authentic and blend into the rug. For valuable rugs hand repairs are the way to go, they help the area rug keep it’s value, sentimental or monetary
To find out if your rug has more life left in it please bring it to Luv-A-Rug for a free assessment. We will explain all of your repair options and give you our recommendations as to what would work best.
Thanks for reading, The Polished Area Rug Cleaner

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