>The Luv-A-Rug way of Rug Cleaning

>One of the most asked questions we get here at Luv-A-Rug is what we use to clean the rugs and how we clean the area rugs.

Here what we do:

  • After we do our visual inspection with you and give you the cleaning expectations and any repair recommendations your rug gets Badgered.

Badgering your rug means that we turn it upside down and vibrate the rug with our world famous Badger machine. This does what grandma did with a broom or beater over a clothesline, only we do it faster, 40,000 vibrations a minute. This is a very important first step in the cleaning process. This rids your rug of all the dry, insoluble dirt that would turn to mud if not removed first.

  • Then your area rug is tested for colour stability and shrinkage. The results of these tests determine the method and moisture level of the cleaning process.

Luv-A-Rug has every process from full submersion wash to completely dry wash. We clean your rugs with the best and safest way to get the optimal results.

It is believed that wool rugs cannot be wet washed, but they can if you do the testing and have qualified, professional staff. Our rug cleaner has been cleaning every type of rug for the last 16 years at Luv-A-Rug.

  • When your rug is getting washed it is done individually, so there is no chance of cross contamination from someone else’s dirty rug. We use safe cleaning soaps and everything is rinsed away leaving no residue.

Residue attracts dirt and we don’t want that. Your rug is washed as many times as needed until no more dirt is coming out. This is why it may take 5-7 days. Between each cleaning your rug is air dried in a temperature control environment.

  • We then do any special spot or odour treatments that is required.
  • Then it is dry cleaned. Our dry cleaning process helps bring out the sheen of your rug.
  • After that we apply our protective dirt repelling finish if you desire.

We cannot make our process any greener than we already have and it has been this way for a long long time. Wool is just like the hair on our heads and reacts to strong cleaning agents and such, so we are very careful to only use wool safe products.

Rest assured that when you entrust your area rugs to Luv-A-Rug your rugs gets the most thorough cleaning available.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

One thought on “>The Luv-A-Rug way of Rug Cleaning

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