>Area Rug Theme Days

>I find it very interesting when we have theme days at Luv-A-Rug. The theme can be pet accidents or all the rugs are all Chinese…you get my drift.

Last week we had one day where a few rugs came in with pile reversal.

Pile reversal is the areas of the rug where the fibers go in the opposite direction as the rest of the rug causing a dark/light spot.

I say dark/light because it depends on where you are when you look at the rug. The spot will change from light to dark when you walk around the rug.

The end/corner of this Chinese hand knotted rug is lighter than the rest of the rug.

Pile reversal can happen any where on a rug and is permanent.

Here is an article about pile reversal in carpet that is a pretty interesting read.

I love the theory about electromagnetic forces as being a cause for pile reversal.

It can be difficult to photograph pile reversal where the fibers are a bit higher and fluffier than the rest of the rug.

This wool Pakistan area rug has a different type of pile reversal that isn’t covered in the above mentioned article.

This type of pile reversal is when the knots of the rug are knotted in a different direction to the rest of the rug.

It is really hard to see on the back of the rug, but the knots are slightly different.

I drew a line where the knots look bigger on the right and smaller on the left.

What is interesting is that the knot change isn’t in a straight line. It is very uneven and only in a small area on the side of the rug.

The rug is hiding a secret.

When you see a dark area on your area rug it may not be a spill or dirt, it maybe the mysterious pile reversal.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

2 thoughts on “>Area Rug Theme Days

  1. >Hey Mary,One thing I make sure to tell every client of ours is that if something is HAND made, it is not going to be perfect. There will be variations in width and length.It's like handwriting a journal – you set it down them pick it up again, and the style is a little different, slants more, gets tighter, or sloppier. Depending on the author – who may be alert or tired or distracted.With a rug being handcrafted – same thing applies, always variations. And sometimes midcourse you need to correct flaws to keep them from being too noticeable – so make the knots larger to help fill in a variance – or sometimes you see "darts" cut into a side to help correct and straighten a border design.Sometimes there is more than one weaver on a rug – and you need corrections to adjust and help the rug lay flat. Afghan rugs – especially on wool – are often uneven, and you can see a lot of corrections on these if they've tried to fix them – or it's just a wavy mess with no corrections.That's what I'd guess on the Pakistani piece – adjustments.The only one who really knows is the weaver. :)Good dialogue – thanks!Lisa Wagnerwww.sandiegorugcleaning.comwww.therugchick.com

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