>Before you toss your rug read on…………

>When it comes to area rug your dog, cat or vacuum do not know how much you spent on it, or that it is a treasured item. The pets see it as a comfortable bed, a nice scratch mat,a new chew toy, a great new toilet or a pretty place mat for treat eating. Your vacuum sees it as work and as lunch. What can be done when rug rug starts to fray or gets a chunk chewed out? Throwing it out is your last option believe it or not.
This Dhurrie/flat weave area rug has had better days, that is for sure. I believe that it did become a chew toy, it came in just before I got to work that day. The easiest thing would have been to toss it, but what if it goes with your decor. Finding a similar rug with the same colours or even design isn’t easy. The owner of this Dhurrie rug owns several others as well. The solution was to trim it back four inches to the first navy border and bind the edges. When we bind a flat weave rug it becomes a single sided rug whereas before it would have been a two sided rug. The rug can still be used on both sides, but when we bind an area rug we put a strip of glue on to stabilize the rug so that shows a bit.
Since the Dhurrie area rug’s pattern wasn’t completely symmetrical to begin with, so having the ends look different is fine. The area rug started out as 75″x102″ and now it is 75″x94″. You would never know by looking at the rug that is was a bit bigger.
Before you toss your area rug because of a tear, or a missing corner, worn out fringes, bring it to Luv-A-Rug for a free repair assessment, 250-475-3922.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

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