>Chobi and Wine

> Chobi+ wine+ cat= this.
You get a rather large wine splatter, as you can see in the upper right of the photo.

This area rug is an 8×10 Chobi. In case you don’t know much about Chobi area rugs here is a quick description:

Chobi rugs are hand knotted wool rugs made in the mountainous tribal villages of Afghanistan and Pakistan. They are made with high quality wool and dyed with vegetable dyes.

The name Chobi is derived from chob rang which describes the wood like colouring these rugs have. Chobi rugs have a wonderful antique look that compliments any decor.

Chobi rugs are perfect for entrances and reception areas as they make a strong artistic impression and are very durable. Durable in the fact that they stand up well to lots of foot traffic not so much in wine spills.
The first picture in this trio is a close up of the wine spill. The cat didn’t like that fact that the wine glass was in it’s way.

The middle picture is of the back. I darkened it a bit to show that the wine is pretty deep into the fibers.

The last picture is of an unrelated spot. It is pink in colour. I let the client know that it may still remain after cleaning and spot treatment. The results are still a bit unknown at this time.

Our rug cleaning tech here at luv a rug cleaners in Victoria says that wine can be very difficult to remove completely. The spill was a week old by the time the rug got to us.

Worst case scenario, we lighten the wine spill. We always strive for the best case scenario in which we remove the red wine completely.

When red wine get spilled on your rug please do not panic! grab a WHITE COTTON towel put it on the spills and stand on it. Keep moving a clean part of the towel on the spot and standing until you no longer get any transfer of red wine. You can also put dry oats or salt on the red wine when it is wet to absorb the wine.

Put a damp towel on the spill and keep it damp, not too wet, and get a professional rug cleaner to take care of the rest of the spill marks immediately

NEVER USE BAKING SODA, OR OTHER SPOT CLEANERS ON YOUR WOOL AREA RUGS. They do more damage than the spill you re trying to get rid of.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary, your local Victoria BC rug cleaning expert!

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