>Rug Hooking Reading

>Today I read several blogs about rug hooking. I am now following many rug hooking blogs on this blog site.

Most of the blogs I came across today were not only about rug hooking, but also about these ladies lives as well.

I was very happy to stumble across this rug blog, Momz Wool. This lady visited my home village, Advocate, Nova Scotia. She lives in Amherst, Nova Scotia, which is the last town I lived in before moving to Victoria, British Columbia.

Another great rug hooking/life blog is about Julie from Newfoundland. I enjoy the white board message in this entry.

For a more technical blog about rug hooking, check out Red Jack Rugs. There are loads of tips and tricks in this blog. Plus there are lots of ways to learn from and support many other rug hookers.

The more I read about rug hooking the more of an urge I feel to start a new hobby.

I recently found out that one of my neighbours knows how to hook rugs. When I talk to her more I will find out what kind of rug hooking she knows.

There is the rug hooking kit you buy that the rug has a loose pile and then there is the rug hooking on linen/burlap. I want to learn the traditional way with the burlap.

I am worried that if I start rug hooking I will soon over run the house with pieces of wool. Not that I don’t already have pieces of paper all over the house when I make cards or pieces of yarn when I crochet.

From what I have read today rug hooking grabs onto you and takes hold.

The ladies who write these blogs are very passionate about the whole process from dying the wool to the completed rug.

This weekend I may investigate what I need to start rug hooking and the investment I have to make to it.

No promises that I will be a rug hooker next week, but at least I will know more about it.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

3 thoughts on “>Rug Hooking Reading

  1. >Hello Mary,Thanks for visiting my blog. I was an advid quilter, who really didn't need another hobby when rug hooking entered my life. While I still enjoy quilting, I am smitten with rug hooking and the people I've met in this wonderful adventure. Please join us. I'm sure you will be "hooked"!

  2. >Hi MaryI know what you mean about rug hooking. I was a petite pointe/cross stitch afictionado for many years. Right down, to designing my own patterns. One day, for some unknown reason I googled rug hooking and stayed in a lunchtime to watch a couple of Deanne Fitzpatrick and Gene Sheppard videos on YOUTUBE.I sent for a small kit 10 x 10 and once, I put the hook in my hand and did a couple of stitches, I was hooked. I bought a couple of books and relied on many rug hookers' advice. I am self taught and don't know if I am doing it right, but having a great time!

  3. >Hi Mary,Glad you found our rug hooking blogs! I hope you do pick up this art of rug hooking. It's fascinating in all it's aspects, from design to finishing! Thanks for following my blog! Cathy G

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