>The quiet before the BOOM!

>The month is almost over and it is ending on a quiet note. I know it is the calm before the rush next week.

The weather has turned to rain today. It has been awhile since we got more than a few hours of rain. The radio announcer keeps reminding me that there could be a thunder storm.

I really hope not because I do not like them at all. I feel like I am five years old and I want to hide.

When I was younger I would lay there listening to the thunder and picture God harvesting his potatoes. I did this because when I was a young girl I would help my Papa harvest potatoes. We would drop them onto a metal ramp going into the root cellar.

It sounded like thunder, so it helped me cope with my fear of thunder. I remember one thunder storm hen I was bout 13 that seemed to last for hours. There was no ease of the booms. I screamed at the ceiling, “Okay God you have enough potatoes. Cut it out!” It didn’t stop the thunder. I guess he needed a lot of potatoes that night.

I am scared of thunder, but I love lightening. I find it very beautiful. I think I like it because when I was young my mother wouldn’t let me watch it. She told me it would make me blind if I looked at lightening. I think it was because she was scared and tried to push her fear onto me.

We will be busy next week with cleaning and re-edging of area rugs. Our machine repair guy is off this week and he has a lot to do when he gets back. Every rug we took in for cleaning and machine repair this week needs to be done by Oct 9th. Canada’s Thanksgiving on Monday Oct 12th and we are closed on Sunday. The week of October 6-10 will be rush week.

I am going to enjoy the slowness of today because I know it will not last. The holiday season is approaching and so is the time to get your area rugs freshened up for all the company you will have soon.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

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