>My first Video Blog

>Here is my first attempt at video blogging. Please forgive the fact that it is a bit raw. I will get better at it the more I do.
In my short video I show how some fringes can easily be removed. Please note that not all fringes can be removed in this manner. Always check with a rug cleaning professional, and get them to remove them for you. Most of the time the fringes are part of the area rug and cutting them will cause the rug to start to fall apart.

I called the rug a British India, but outside of Canada this type of rug is called an Indian Aubusson rug. This type of rug is a mock copy of Chinese rugs; Here is a past blog I wrote about telling the difference between the two types of rugs.
If there is a design on the British Indian/Aubusson rug it is usually craved around to give it texture or dimension.
Removing fringes from certain types of area rugs gives the rug a new look. Stained and worn down fringes make your rug look old and not very lovable. There are a few different ways to re-finish the ends of your rug so it stays together.
At Luv-A-Rug we can do a serge/overcast stitching, a ribbon binding, or hand repair to stabilize the ends.
When you get tired of the vacuum eating the fringes bring you rug to us and we can put the vacuum on a permanent diet.

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