>I am Back with more Moth Prevention

>You may have noticed that there hasn’t been any blog posts from me in awhile. I was deep under the weather for the last two weeks of January. That is not too bad because last year I was sick the whole month of January. I think I am prone to getting ill in January because of the stress I put myself through in December. It is amazing the effects stress has on the human body. Some day I will learn how to relax.

I turn a year older at the end of this week, not really looking froward to that, but there is nothing I can do about that. I look younger than I really am, so that is one good thing about my birthday… I can fib about my age. At least for a few more years. šŸ™‚

Since the weather has been a lot milder and not as much rain as usual there hasn’t been the rush of flooded area rugs this year. It is, however, the year to get the big area rugs cleaned.

Since most large area rugs (8×10 and larger) aren’t always cleaned every year or two they tend to become prime targets for moths.

To make your large area rug less attractive to moths vacuum the entire every few months. Every day your rug is collecting dust, dander, debris from the air. If you have some of the rug covered by furniture and cannot easily vacuum this area that is where the moths will go.

Moths love dark, dry, warm, undisturbed areas. To make your rug less desirable it is best to:
-Vacuuming often
-Clean up spills when they happen
-Regular professional cleaning
-Examine the edges front and back

Moths are sneaky, they can crawl 2-6 inches under the edges of your area rugs. This is what moth damage looks like on the back of an area rug. As you can see it is subtle and can easily be overlooked.

When moths are eating the rug from underneath you will not notice until you vacuum and see missing fibers.

To help prevent moths from hiding under the rug:
-Vacuum around baseboards and under the edges of the rug.
-Rotate your area rug a few time year.

If you do find that your area rug has been eaten by moths not all is lost. Luv-A-Rug can help. Our non-toxic moth treatment kills any remaining eggs and doesn’t harm your rug in any way.

Prevention is always the best policy and the vacuum is your best defense. Keeping your area rug clean is the best way to ward off moths.

Here is more information on Moths and moth prevention.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

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