>40 Years and Still going Strong

>Yesterday we received a 9×12.5 wool Chinese area rug. The owner has had it for around 40 years and it has a lot of memories tied into it. The golden colour is very retro, but still can hold it’s own even today.

Large area rugs are prime targets for damage from moths or carpet beetles. I know it wasn’t moth that ate this rug. There was no larva casings any where on the rug.

When ever a large rug comes in for cleaning I always look for moth damage. Large rugs have furniture on them and have areas that are not used.

Moth damage can take weeks to happen, so it doesn’t mean that you are not diligent in your cleaning. It only takes one pregnant female to lay her many eggs in an area that doesn’t get walked on or vacuumed often.

To prevent moth’s from making your rug lunch:

  • vacuum the entire area rug at least once a month
  • rotate your rug often
  • have your rug cleaned professionally deep cleaned every year or two
  • if you find any evidence of moth activity get your area rug taken care of by a professional

Moth’s are wool”s natural enemy. By keeping your area rugs as clean as possible it is a lot less likely you will have moth damage.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

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