>COMPLETELY OF TOPIC, but it needs to be said

>This blog has absolutely nothing to do with area rug cleaning or work. Lately I have been trying to keep my blog post professional, but something has happened and I need to impart some not-so common sense.

I am not writing specific details about the situation to protect the people involved.

A bit a background about myself:

I am a huge STRESS MONKEY. If there is stress to carry I am there. When I have enough of my own or am feeling generous I take on other people’s stress as well. I stress about everything, relaxing isn’t in my dictionary very much.

I received a personally message from someone I thought as a friend telling me that they were very disappointed in me and they have stopped being my friend. Apparently they had written a public note to me explaining why they were disappointed and then they deleted it.

I have no idea what they wrote I can only guess what they are referring to.

Needless to say, but I am very upset at this event and need to release my emotions.

This all started 6 years ago when something bad happened. A grudge has been carried. Life has moved on.

Bad things happen to us all.

We make some not so great decisions along our journey.

LET THEM GO! Scream your anger at the wind and let it carry away the anger, pain , and hurt.

You don’t have to forgive and forget, but don’t carry around the anger and pass it on to others.

I don’t dismiss the anger and pain the other person feels, but I shouldn’t be penalized by association. Deleting me from their life causes more pain and anger and yet another grudge.

I don’t know if it is worth trying to explain my side of things or just let it be. They won’t trust me anymore and without trust there can be no relationship.

I am not sure of how to handle this situation. I know that any kind of communication will be ignored. It is just a shame that this had to happen and I didn’t get to say my side of things. I don’t think the outcome would have changed, but at least they would know where I stand.

Thank you for listening to my way off topic rant.

Holding grudges is silly, it hurts you WAY more than the person you are angry at.


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