>Another Shag Story

>If you have ever tried to vacuum a shag you know the frustration of having the rug fibers get stuck in the rotating brush. Shag rug are not easy to vacuum using the rotating brush or even the vacuum itself.

I had previously written about the best way to vacuum your shag area rug. Here is another way to remove even more loose dirt from your shag. By using the little upholstery brush, that we hardly use, it grabs the dirt and not the rug.

Shag rugs require more care and attention than most rugs. Using suction only to vacuum the loose dirt cuts down on your work and frustration. By turning the rug upside down first and vibrating the loose dirt closer to the tops of the fibers, then use the brush to vacuum the fibers you are making your shag last longer.

Thanks for reading, Ruglovermary

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