>What type of Moth eats your Wool rug in Victoria BC?


There are two main types of moths that eat wool. Here in Victoria, BC we see the Cloths Moth. These moths leave their larva casings behind after they have turned into an adult moth. The casings look like flat pieces of rice and can be the same colour as the rug depending on what colour of wool they were eating.

The other main type of wool eating moth is the webbing moth. I have never seen evidence of the webbing moth in Victoria before this week.

This week we had 3×5 wool area rug come in from Toronto, ON Canada. The owner lives in Victoria and had it flown out here. Since I am not used to seeing the webbing moth it would have been easy for me to over look the evidence. It is a good thing that I did months of research into moths and what to look for.

On the back of this rug it looked like weird dirt, for lack of a better word. Here is what the webbing moth leaves behind as it eats a wool rug.

As much as we would like to not think about moths damaging our rugs, it does happen. Here are a few things that you can do to help prevent a moth attack on your wool area rugs.

 Thanks for reading, RugloverMary, your local rug cleaning expert, and moth hater in Victoria BC, Canada

2 thoughts on “>What type of Moth eats your Wool rug in Victoria BC?

  1. >I was devastated to find out that my area rug has holes or chunks of missing fibers. Upon closer inspection it has been home to moths. I called a carpet cleaning company and I as told that moth eggs are as small as a grain of sand and are stuck to the base of the wool fibers of the rugs. This makes the eggs hard to see and harder to remove with regular vacuuming or cleaning.

  2. >I had the same problem back home in Connecticut. These wool-eating moths laid their babies without us noticing until it became full-blown eggs. They left their larva casings on my wool carpet. What surprised me was, as you’ve said, the casing’s color depends on what they have eaten. My carpet’s design was kind of circular and abstracts of red, yellow and indigo. And casings had three colors! It also surprised the hired cleaners. It was just a petty job for them and they finished a wonderful job of carpet cleaning. New Haven’s wool-eating moth appears before winter to lay eggs according to the research I’ve done. So basically, regular carpet cleaning is still the best thing to do to save our precious carpets.

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