>Area Rug Repairs


Rug repairs includes more than just worn away fringes

Anytime you need to have a repair done to your area rug it can be hard to imagine what it will look like. To take some of guess work away we have added a new page to our website.

As we do more repairs more pictures will be added. Even when we do the same repairs to different types of area rugs the end results look different. Our most popular repair is fringe removal and adding a binding ribbon edge or a serged/overcast edge. Depending on the type of rug you own can determine which works best for your rugs.

Along with removing fringes we can also add machine sewn machines to you rugs. We have three different styles in three colour choices. When your rug is valuable we prefer to do authentic hand repairs to keep the integrity and look of you rug.

We have also shortened rugs to fit in a new room, or to remove moth damage or even where a puppy has chewed a corner off. When you have left over carpet pieces from getting new wall to wall carpet installed we can bind the edges to make little scatter mats for you. When you want left over carpet turned into scatter mats they can be square, rectangle, round and even oval in shape. If you give us the dimensions we can cut it.

When you need new carpet cut for your boat we do that too. Bring in your existing piece for a template and a new piece of carpet and we cut to exact size and bind the edges. Luv-A-rug does a lot more than just clean area rugs. Bring us your rug that isn’t in perfect condition and we will see what we can do to make it lovable again.
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

3 thoughts on “>Area Rug Repairs

  1. >Thanks Lucy, it would be nice if everyone could be rug educated before they bought area rugs and to find the right area rug cleaners.For companies who do clean area rugs they should either have a area rug repair person on-site or have a good relationship with someone in the same city.

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