>Even more shag area rugs

>Shag rugs are all the rage and can be found in every shape, fiber type, fiber length, and colour. They add a punch of colour and texture to any room at affordable prices. Shag rugs are also one of the most difficult types of area rugs to clean.

Shag rugs are the Divas of the area rug world and need extra attention and care to keep them looking their best. I know I keep writing about Shag rugs, but not everyone has gotten the message that Shag rugs need to be cleaned and vacuumed more often that a short pile rug. Here is another video showing a good way to vacuum a Shag rug.

The fibers of a Shag act just like velcro and dirt and debris easily get trapped in them. Shaking the rug helps, but it is best to do when the rug is upside down that way the dirt goes onto the floor more so than in the air. If you have any furniture on your Shag move the rug every few weeks to see how dirty it is getting. It doesn’t take too long before your nice off white Shag to become grey from being walked on.

If you have pets it is a good idea to check under the rug to see if they are using it as a bathroom. When you have a coloured shag there may not be any evidence of urine on the front of your rug, but the back of the Shag will show any stains. Pets love shags too, but not always the same way you do.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary, Victoria’s Shag rug cleaner.

4 thoughts on “>Even more shag area rugs

  1. >I love shaggy rugs, the texture and the warm deep pile are an asset to any room, there are now a wide range of colours and sizes, with the ever changing manufacturing methods and different types of yarn there is now a massive range of contemporary shaggy rugs which now include fibers such as polyester and polypropylene. I still think the original 100% wool shaggy rugs are still my favorite.The Rug Retailer

  2. >Yes I agree with Rug Repair that shag rugs should not be vacuumed the same as shorter pile rugs.Shags are made differently than short pile rugs and therefore using a vacuum cleaner can pull the fibers out. Shags need extra care to keep them looking good.

  3. >This post is one of the sources of information about shag rugs and there are many people who are looking for such information. Actually there are many websites who are offering details about it but not all of them are true and reliable. Be wise in purchasing products, make sure that it has good quality and it can satisfy our needs.

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