>A Green Disposable Society?

>I was chatting with a client today when she came to pick up her clean rugs. She was telling me how her friends said for the amount of money she paid for cleaning she could just get two new rugs. They were right for the $50.00 she paid to get her two small rugs cleaned and protected she could have replaced them with new ones, but…………………..
Let’s look at the bigger picture and impact of throwing out the rugs she had. The small scatter mats she has are pieces of synthetic carpet that have been edged to make rugs, they are not bio-degradable and most likely the rugs she would buy to replace them would also be synthetic and not bio-degradable. So what are the benefits to the environment or to her wallet? There wouldn’t be any benefit, but we are a disposable society and if it costs the same to clean a rug as it is to buy new, we tend to buy new. Which is kinda sad.
I recently watched a show on TV about how cities were built around, over and because of trash. It is truly amazing the amount of stuff that we throw away because it is easier to replace than to clean or repair. How can we say we are environmentally minded when most of the things we use are not made to recycle?
If you ever want to try the experiment to see how much trash you generate just stop taking out your trash for 2-3 weeks. See how fast it builds up. After the time period sort through the bags and see how much stuff didn’t need to be in the trash due to recycling or buying differently. Make a date to tour your locate landfill site to see what they are doing to control our trash and what you can do to help reduce the amount you contribute. It is eye opening. I stopped buying a particular battery operated toothbrush because there was no way to replace or recharge the battery. That didn’t seem like a very environmentally friendly product to me.
Back to area rugs, It happens a lot that people are shocked at the cost of cleaning their rugs, but in the end it is cheaper than buying a new area rug every time the current one gets too dirty. With regular vacuuming, cleaning up spills when they happen, rotating your rugs, and getting your rug cleaned every 1-2 years is better for your wallet and the environment. It is hard to say that we are a “green” society when most of the things we use are disposable.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary, thinking green cleaning for area rugs

17 thoughts on “>A Green Disposable Society?

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  2. >I am overwhelmed at the responses I have gotten over this post. Another way to look at this is you wouldn't got out and buy a new car every time your car got dirty, or buy new clothes after wearing them just once, why do it with area rugs?

  3. >It is amazing how many people only think short term when it comes to consumer goods, and especially area rugs.Just last week I was looking after a lovely lady who has raw cut carpet pieces lining the back of her truck for extra cushion. She goes camping and then sleeps in the back of her truck camper. After I was finished with her order my next client asked, "Why would anyone want that stuff cleaned?" I answered that instead of throwing it out she uses them to line her truck bed. I could tell that he wouldn't have thought of using left over carpet pieces for anything. On the other hand I have also have people who refuse to throw out their very worn rug because they don't want to throw it out for environmental reasons.We really need to think beyond the 'now' and make better choices when buying area rugs. There are so many rugs made that are not very good for the environment.

  4. >I couldn't agree with you more, RugloverMary. I personally believe that we should think about more long-term effects than what's currently needed. The same applies to rugs and carpets, which will be better to clean than to dispose and buy a new one. We here are fortunate to have an expert Seattle carpet cleaner which can clean and restore any sort of carpet. I myself haven't disposed any of our carpets in a long while now.

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