>Moths are a popular pest for wool area carpets

>Today I was messing round with the settings of my blog and found something very interesting. When you are on the dashboard of your Blogger blog under the title of your blog is the list of settings, design, and stats, click on stats. Here you will find a wealth of information such as:

  • How many people looked at your blog today, weekly and monthly
  • What blog posts has the most visits
  • How people found your blog
  • Where your readers are located

I clicked on the “more” tab beside the traffic sources and found out what keywords and phrases people are using when they find my blog. I also found out that people from all over the world are reading my blog not just in the US and Canada, but also in Russia, India and Spain. That is pretty cool for my little rug cleaning blog to be read that far away.

The most reoccurring search terms used are larvae in rugs, carpet moth images, larvae found in carpet or more specifically MOTHS.

I have written many times about moths and for good reason. Next to pet accidents, moths are the most common problem for wool area carpets. A lot of the rugs we get in for moth treatment, the owners didn’t know their rug had moths.

Whenever we receive a call from a client who is inquiring about rug cleaning and they mention that their rug is in storage or just sitting in the basement the chances of their rug having moths is high. Any wool rug that has not been cleaned before storing is prime for moth larvae to eat and cause damage.

When a rug is brought to Luv-A-Rug for cleaning we would prefer that you not vacuum the rug before hand. If you vacuum your rug we may miss seeing the evidence of moth larvae activity, and the eggs may still be in your rug. Getting rid of the eggs is very hard because they are attached to the bottom of the wool fibers and vibrating the rug may not loosen them, then your rug is returned home and the eggs hatch and the larva start eating your rug.

Here is more about the life cycle of a clothes moth, prevention and elimination.

Always vacuum your entire rug and get your rugs professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary, your moth larva specialist.

8 thoughts on “>Moths are a popular pest for wool area carpets

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  2. >Moths are best in wool eating so better have them away from your pricey carpets! According to a friend who does carpet cleaning in Kansas City, yes, carpet cleaning the personal way, moth is their best enemy. Added to this is my phobia of flying insects. So every time these wool eating insects invade our carpets, I have my brother, by force, switch household chores. Carpet cleaners, Kansas are great help in terms of this. With this childhood thought, they may be befriending these moths for them to have easier jobs. : ) Anyway, I have high respect for moth fighters and carpet cleaners!

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