>Spring Cleaning from Area Rugs to Ceiling

>It isn’t easy to tackle the huge job of spring cleaning when you start to think of everything you need to do. When you look around each room your to-do list keeps getting longer and longer.

With a little bit of planning your mountain of chores can get done easier and faster. A few days ago I wrote a blog outlining how to tackle the big cleaning jobs by doing one a month. This makes it less stressful and easier on your wallet.

For even more tips on how to clean your whole home room by room and inch by inch check out this great blog by Change of Address.org. Here you will get the details of cleaning your closet to sorting out the stuff under the sink. Plus lots more tips about moving and organizing.

Whether it is daily cleaning or whole home cleaning it can seem like a boring daunting chore that most of us hate to do. There are small ways to make it a bit more fun:

  • Put on your favorite music and turn up the volume. Dusting doesn’t seem to bad when you do it to the beat of music and the vacuum can make an excellent dance partner.
  • Get others involved. It is true that many hands make light work. Assign jobs to everyone that uses their talents and abilities.
  • Keep focused to one cleaning task at a time. I have a hard time with this one. When you start too many things at once nothing gets completed.
  • Reward yourself after the job is done. When you do your plan of attack for cleaning also add a reward for either each task or the whole job. For instance after you have finished cleaning the kitchen you reward yourself with a nice bath or going out for dinner.

Cleaning is part of life and by doing it on a regular basis the easier it is to do. Waiting until you have to clean causes much stress and for closets to get over stuffed with junk. By having a written schedule and reward system makes cleaning less a chore.

Please post your cleaning tips and experiences in the comments. The more we see others have the same success and issues the cleaner our world will be.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary-cleaning freak to her friends

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