>Luv-A-Rug does more than clean Area Rugs


For over twenty years Luv-a-Rug, previously Lug-A-Rug, has been cleaning area rugs from all over Victoria and Vancouver Island, plus we clean the hard to clean stuff too.

We repair hand knotted rugs, bind and serge rugs and carpet pieces, and replace or remove fringes.

We also clean boat sails, boat dodgers, boat canvas, loose cushions, luggage, mascots, and sheepskin rugs.

Last week we had an unique request from a lady who had bought three 3’x6′ and six 2’x4′ rag rugs from Capital Iron here in Victoria, BC and she wanted them turned into runners.

Here are two of the 2’x4′ rag rugs she wanted turned into a 2’x8′  runner.
This is not something we get asked to do very often, but we can do it with most rugs depending on how they are made.

If you find a rug that is too big Luv-A-Rug can also trim it down to the size you need.

First photo shows where the two rugs were joined, middle is the finished runner, last photo shows a close up of how the rag rugs were sewn together.

Here is what the two rag rugs looked like after being sewn together into a runner. These rag rugs had the ends folded over and sewn to the rug, so it was easy to unfold one end and sew it to the other rug. This made the rugs almost seamless and remain a two sided rug.

The client was thrilled with the finished look and that her runners could be used on both sides.

If you have a similar desire to turn small rugs into bigger rugs give Luv-A-Rug a call in Victoria 250-590-6210 or 1-800-886-2802

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary, helping you create your area rug vision

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