>Great Customer Care from Dyson

>It is good to know that there are still big companies that stand behind their products. Luv-A-Rug has recently found that out with Dyson Vacuum cleaners.

Just under three years ago, when we had to move locations, we bought a Dyson Vacuum cleaner from Mr Sweeper Vacuums. We loved our Dyson right away. It worked great at getting All the small fine dirt off our carpet in the office.

Now to be fair we do use our vacuum more than the average home owner, so after three years the bristles on the brush wore down. On Tues. May 3rd I called the Canadian Customer Service of Dyson and explained that we needed a new brush. The guy I spoke to said that they required us to send in our Dyson to get it replaced. I replied that it was just the brush that needed to be replaced and we had no problems with doing that ourselves.

He said that a new brush would be sent out and we should receive it in 7-10 business days. It arrived on May 10th, which is only 5 business days, a nice bonus.

Now changing the brush on our Dyson required two people, a screw driver, a few swear words, a few pinched fingers and five minutes. The reason it takes two people some effort to change the brush is you have to make sure the drive belt that rotates the brush doesn’t snap back into the vacuum.

All went well and we have our Dyson vacuum working like new again.  It is nice to know that when you buy a product and register it for the warranty that the company stands behind their warranty.

Here’s to happy and clean carpets, RugloverMary.

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