Are you a shiny business or a human business? Customer review experience

When you do an internet search for a service, business or retail item you usually look at the reviews by customers. I did that when I was looking to buy my new TV a couple of years ago. Reviews help us decide whether we want to use the service or business, but how do you decide if the reviews are illegitimate?
Today at Luv-A-Rug we had a rare occurrence happen, we dropped the ball on our promise.

On June 30th we had a lovely lady from Saltspring Island bring in her old Zapotec Mexican rug for cleaning. Her rug belongs to her husband, his parents bought it for him when he was a boy. The rug is a lovely flat-weave that is red with white birds on it. A very unique rug to say the least. She asked if it could be ready for July 7th as that was the next time she would be in Victoria. Of course we said yes, because that gave us enough time to clean and apply our non-toxic protective finish on it. What we forgot was that Friday was a holiday and we would be closed.

Well today is July 7th and her rug was not ready for pick up! She was not happy since

  1. she was promised it would be ready
  2. she has company coming and
  3. the cost of ferry fare has gone up A lot and she only comes to Victoria when she needs to.

I first offered to have is shipped over by courier for her when it was ready, but since she needs it tomorrow morning that wasn’t going to work. I was panicking on the inside wracking my brain as to how to fix this FAST!

Then it occurred to me to call down to our cleaning spa where Aubrey was doing the rug badgering. I gave him the name and description of the rug and said I need it here NOW!

I offered to buy the client and her sister-in-law a beverage from the store while they waited the 10-15 minutes it would take Aubrey to bring the rug to our office. She declined, all she wanted was her rug and to make the 5 o’clock ferry back to Saltspring Island, it was now 2:50pm.

After I got off the phone with Aubrey she said she and her sister-in-law would walk down to the store and come back in 15 minutes. She also said that she was appreciative that I was doing everything I could to get her rug to her.

I apologized to her many times about the fact that we dropped the ball. We don’t mess up very often, but when we do we do it well ( as in not just a little bit) 🙂 The difference with Luv-A-Rug is that we will do everything we can to rectify any issues, even if it costs us to do so.

Here is another example of a major Oops that happened back in 2009 with a binding job and what we did to fix it.

She saw our van pull into the parking lot, so she made her way back to our office. Traffic was light so  Aubrey got here quicker than I thought which was very good. I was just doing a final inspection of her rug when she came in. As a thank you for being patience with us I removed the cost of the protective finish from her bill. She was very thankful for this, it was the least we could do for our Oops.

As her payment was processing I asked her if she searched the internet, when she said yes. I then asked if she would be so kind as to write a review for us telling the whole story about what just happened.

She looked at me a bit funny and said, ” Are you sure?”

I assured her that we wanted her to write about her experience with Luv-A-Rug because it shows that we aren’t perfect. That we are human, we care and we go the extra mile for our clients.

I look forward to her side of the story and I will blog about it at that time for everyone to read.

Do you show the world your imperfections as a business? If you don’t you should. It makes you look human and when a company is too perfect looking it can make people question what you are hiding.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary–real person

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