Beware! when buying Second hand area rugs

Second hand rug

Unique Gabbeh Rug

It is wonderful when you find a treasure in an Antique or Second store. It makes your day to know you found something that no one else has. This is a story about such a find.

This is a picture of a very unique wool Gabbeh rug. The pattern and colours are bright and rare for Victoria BC. This rug was not a lot of money to buy, however it is hiding a smelly secret.

I had to break the news to the new owner of this 3.5 by 6.5 foot Gabbeh rug that it was the victim of cat urine on one end. I saw a small bit of colour bleed on the back and when I tapped and smelt the back of the rug my suspicions where confirmed…old cat urine.

Now the current owner must pay to have the cat urine removed. It is a shame that this rug became a bathroom, it is such a lovely rug.

Here is my video showing how I found the cat urine and how to protect your investment in a second-hand rug.

Whenever you are buying a second-hand rug no matter if it is from a second-hand store, online, an auction, or friend ALWAYS give the rug a thorough inspection, in a bright room, front and back and smell the rug in several places. It sounds gross to do, but you don’t need to pay for someone else’s problems.

If you have found a rug that you want to buy, but are hesitate I will answer any questions or cleaning concerns. E-mail me at or call 250-590-6210 or 1-800-886-2802. If you have pictures or an online ad please attach to your e-mail.

Thanks RugloverMary

2 thoughts on “Beware! when buying Second hand area rugs

    • Thank you for reading my blog. I try my best to spread good information about area rugs so that the public will be better educated. I am glad that I have many readers and followers from around the world. Thanks to my Aussie readers!

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