Chinese wool area rug inquiry from the Netherlands

I am still amazed at how far and wide my blog reaches. In August I received this e-mail from R. in the Netherlands (names have been removed for privacy). I am honored that people ask me for my professional opinion and knowledge.a bout rugs.

Hello Mary.
I was searching for info for an I think Chinese rug with dragons and came on your blog. I think you know a lot about these kinds of rugs so that is why I send you this mail. My parents became hold of this rug from a friend who has had it for a long time. We don’t know if they bought it new or second-hand. The rug is a bit dirty with some spots that are difficult to clean we think.

Do you think it is worth to clean this rug or maybe we should try to sell it.

The rug is about 4.3 meters x 3.0 meters ( 6×9 feet) and weighs 60 or 70 kilo, I think. (to lift it we needed at least 2 adults)

Hopefully you can tell me a little more about this rug.

With kind regards,
 Rosmalen, The Netherlands

Here is my response to their e-mail:

Hello R., wow thanks for reading my blog. It is always nice to know that my blog reaches world-wide. Honestly R., any rug that you love and have a use for is always worth getting clean. I view rugs as a work of art more so than a floor covering. They make me feel good when I see and use them.

Five Clawed Chinese Dragon rug

This is a gorgeous Chinese rug. I love the dragons; they are fighting one another which is a typical Chinese usage of dragons. In my opinion the Chinese were the best at making the best blue in their rugs. I like that the dragon’s have 5 claws too, that is rare to see over here in Canada, especially Victoria. Most Chinese rugs with dragons have only 4 claws. (5 clawed dragons used to be only woven for royalty)

Chinese rugs are sensitive to spills, spot cleaners, improper cleaning and pet accidents, so they tend to stain easily. I am not sure if the spots on your rug would disappear or not. There looks to be some fading along the sides too. There are also some areas where the pile is worn down from use.

The rug would look a lot better if the fringes were removed and a serged edging sewn on. The fringes are very dingy and worn out.

Here is my video on how to tell if you will like your rug without fringes

I do hope that you have a use for this rug or if you do end up selling it that the new owners love it as much as I do. Thanks Mary.

They responded back that they really had no use for the rug due to the size, so they were going to try to sell it. I was hoping that they loved the rug enough to keep it, but we can’t keep every rug we get.

If you have a rug that you want me to write about e-mail me your story and pictures of the front and back. I love learning the personal history of rugs it makes them just that much more special. E-mail me at

Thanks for reading and sharing, RugloverMary

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