Is my rug worth cleaning?

“Is my rug worth cleaning?”

This is one of the most asked questions we get here at Luv-A-Rug. Our answer is this:

If you like the rug and have a place to use it than any rug s worth getting cleaned.

Price enters the equation when you think about the cost of replacing the rug. We also honestly let you know when it is not worth cleaning or repairing. Some rugs do get past the point of restoration.

Here is a recent example of a rug that is getting near time to replace an why the client is not doing so just yet.

Today we picked up a 8×12 synthetic area carpet for cleaning from the Fairfield area of Victoria. When I did my inspection of the rug the first thing I noticed was the latex backing of the rug was weak, crunchy sounding and shedding a fine white dust. It also had furniture indents and the pile of the carpet was flattened from walking on it for years.

This is not the first time we have cleaned this rug for the clients, we receive it for cleaning once a year. When I called the client to let them know the cleaning expectations and final cost I asked her if she noticed any white dust on the floor after they rolled up the rug. She responded that there was so much dust it looked like she had a beach in her living room. She asked if there was anything that could be done except replace the rug. Unfortunately there is not anything that can stop the latex from further shedding.

They do not want to get a new rug at this time because they have dogs and they like to lay on the carpet. The dogs are in their mature years and the clients want to wait until they pass on to invest in a new rug. Luv-A-Rug hears that a lot from pet owners that they are waiting until their pets either get older or until they pass on before investing in a new rug.

She also said that she absolutely loved us, just loved us that we make her rug look good every time we clean it and she was happy that it cost the same to clean it as last year.

Most of us may have given up on a rug that sheds latex glue and looks dull where it is used, but instead of just tossing a rug sometimes a little love will make it useable again. Luv-A-Rug sees a lot of rugs that look like they are unusable, but after some good old fashion cleaning and maybe some repairs a rug can have a new lease on life.

Here is a video I did highlighting a rug that again most of us wouldn’t bother with, but it was sentimental to the client

If you have such a rug that you think is not worth it because it is too dirty or the sides are fraying bring it to Luv-A-Rug at 445 Beta St, Victoria BC and we will give you an evaluation on how it can be made loveable again. 250-590-6210/800-886-2802

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