Reusing Area Rugs as Furniture and Art

There a many reasons why you may stop using an area rug:

  • decor change
  • downsizing or up-sizing your living space
  • inherited a rug
  • damage from puppy chewing
  • pet accidents
  • water damage from flooding.

Just because you cannot use your rug on the floor any more doesn’t mean it is ready to be tossed away. There are many other ways to enjoy rugs and that is furniture coverings or wall art.

Here is my video showing you how you can reuse an area rug:

The rugs in the video are flat woven rugs and are easy to turn into chair or ottoman coverings and even decorative pillows. When it comes to antique rugs you don’t want to be chopping them up into pillows and such.

Since area rugs are works of art to begin with there is no reason why they shouldn’t be used as wall art. It is easy to turn a rug into a wall hanging, you just have to do it correctly so there is no damage done to the rug.

To turn an area rug into a wall hanging:

  • Get a 4 inch wide piece of good quality cotton the width of the rug minus 2 inches (if your rug is 4 feet wide your cotton needs to be  3′ 11″ in width)
  • Fold cotton in half width wise and sew together with good strong thread into a circle
  • Sew cotton sleeve to the back of rug. Sew the cotton sleeve top and bottom to rug-see photo. This allows the full weight of the rug to not pull or warp your rug.
  • Attach decorative curtain rod hangers to wall, insert 1 to 1 1/2 inch dowel into cotton sleeve, hang and enjoy
  • Remember to vacuum rug front and back at least once a month to remove the dust

Another creative way to use an area rug is as a mock headboard. This idea came to me when I was doing an inspection on a Viscose rug. Since Viscose rugs are beautiful and thin it is easy to turn into a mock headboard.

I am a creative minded person so I look at objects as what they can be used for other than their intended purpose. For centuries area rugs were used as wall hangings as well as floor coverings and there is no reason for them to not be used that way today.

Important note: When thinking about using a wool rug get it evaluated by an area rug professional. The last thing you want to do is destroy a valuable antique rug.

When you have a rug you can no longer use on the floor think about what other things it can be used for before you toss it out.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary-trying to save rugs from the landfill


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