>Potted Plants + Area Rugs= Bad News

>Live potted plants are great for our homes, but not so great for area rugs. If you have a potted plant on your rug please remove it immediately.

The problem with having a plant on your rug is that every time it gets watered, some of the water may miss the pot, the pot may over flow, or the pot may develop a leak.

Excess water on a rug can cause mold/mildew to grow, the colours to bleed, and possibly the rug to rot.

The following video shows what can happen when you put a live Christmas tree on a rug.

If you discover water damage on your area rug Luv-A-Rug can help.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary, Your Victoria BC area rug cleaning expert!

Rugs be Safe or You’ll be Sorry

Yesterday we had 7 lovely wool area rugs brought into Luv-A-Rug. They were unfortunately brought in by a restorations company. The owner of the area rugs went away on vacation and the fish tank over flowed, for days. Fortunately only one rug was badly damaged by colour bleeding, but they all smelled foul and the floors were a mess.
We see a lot of area rugs that didn’t have a good vacation while the owners were away and that leads me to today’s topic, house sitters.
Getting someone to either stay in your house or just to check in every day or so could save you a lot of money and stress. When you get ready to go on vacation you make sure that the mail and paper are stopped, the alarm is set, doors are locked, etc., but what about the unknowns?
The water tank exploding, fish tank overflowing, you really did leave the coffee maker on. These are things that make a “house sitter/checker” very valuable. For years I have house sat for my friends while they were away and thankfully the only major thing that has happened was a cat decided to fall into a bucket of car oil. It was quickly into a bath and onto the vet to make sure he was ok, which because of my quick actions he was.
That was something that could have had very bad results if it weren’t for a house sitter. There are professional house sitter organizations you can use as well.┬áThis blog isn’t endorsing anyone it was written to remind you about little things that add up to huge problems.
Thank you for reading, RugloverMary.