>Luv-A-Rug does more than clean Area Rugs


For over twenty years Luv-a-Rug, previously Lug-A-Rug, has been cleaning area rugs from all over Victoria and Vancouver Island, plus we clean the hard to clean stuff too.

We repair hand knotted rugs, bind and serge rugs and carpet pieces, and replace or remove fringes.

We also clean boat sails, boat dodgers, boat canvas, loose cushions, luggage, mascots, and sheepskin rugs.

Last week we had an unique request from a lady who had bought three 3’x6′ and six 2’x4′ rag rugs from Capital Iron here in Victoria, BC and she wanted them turned into runners.

Here are two of the 2’x4′ rag rugs she wanted turned into a 2’x8′  runner.
This is not something we get asked to do very often, but we can do it with most rugs depending on how they are made.

If you find a rug that is too big Luv-A-Rug can also trim it down to the size you need.

First photo shows where the two rugs were joined, middle is the finished runner, last photo shows a close up of how the rag rugs were sewn together.

Here is what the two rag rugs looked like after being sewn together into a runner. These rag rugs had the ends folded over and sewn to the rug, so it was easy to unfold one end and sew it to the other rug. This made the rugs almost seamless and remain a two sided rug.

The client was thrilled with the finished look and that her runners could be used on both sides.

If you have a similar desire to turn small rugs into bigger rugs give Luv-A-Rug a call in Victoria 250-590-6210 or 1-800-886-2802

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary, helping you create your area rug vision

>New fringes give Rug a face lift

> Have you ever wondered why area rugs have fringes? When rugs are hand knotted the fringes are the fibers, cotton, wool, or jute, in which the area rug is woven around, the weft fibers. They are necessary on a hand knotted rug to keep it together. On a machine made area rug fringes are there for decoration. They are sewn onto the rug after it has been made. Machine made rugs came into existence to be a cheaper version of the hand knotted rugs. They copied the designs and colours of the more expensive rugs, so fringes were added to give the machine rug a more authentic look.
I am not a big fan of fringes, especially on machine made rugs. The fringes are not necessary to the construction of the rug and they wear out and get stained very easily. Many of Luv-A-Rug’s clients like the fringes on their area rugs, machine or hand knotted possibly because we are programmed with that is how a rug is supposed to look. Fair enough. We let our clients know that if they ever want to replace or remove the fringes the option is there.
A lovely lady brought in her two beloved rugs for cleaning, one oval and one rectangle and on the rectangle rug she wanted new fringes put on. She had us replace the fringes on the oval rug two years ago.
This is a tufted rug bought many years ago because it was a limited edition pattern. She had the fringes replaced once before, but she never liked that they were white fringes on her golden rug. The fringes were showing sign of use and were starting to pull away from the rug. Upon closer inspection of the rug, I found out why the fringes were coming off. Whoever replaced the fringes cut back the old ones and glued the new ones on. Not the best way to replace fringes.
When Luv-a-Rug replaces fringes we cut off the old ones and bind the ends and then sew the new fringes into the binding.
We replaced the white twisted fringes with a single knot golden fringe which looks a lot better. She was very happy at how her rug looked with the new fringes. It isn’t very often that we would add fringes to a tufted rug, but we can if that is what is desired. This job is a great example that any rug can be a treasured item and therefore is worth the extra money to make it look its best. Removing or replacing old worn fringes brings new life to your rug and your love for it. Area rugs are more than just dirt collectors. They enhance the beauty of your home and with a little face lift will continue to do so for many more years.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

>Rug luvable again

>When it comes to old, worn out, or stained fringes you have a couple of options for remedying them. Depending on the factors of the type of rug, where you use the rug, and budget we have fix that will suit you and your area rug.
First off we can replace the fringes with a machine sewn fringe. The old fringes are cut off and a synthetic ribbon is sewn on to the edge of the rug. The new fringes are then sewn on to the top of the rug. Luv-A-Rug cleaners in Victoria has different fringes to choose from in three different colours, white, golden, grey. We like to choose a colour of fringe that best compliments the area rug. We can also hand weave new fringes as mentioned in a previous blog.

When you are tired of the vacuum having lunch with the fringes, or if the fringes get too dingy we can remove them completely. A serged or overcast stitched edge adds a nice clean look to your rug. We use synthetic fiber for serging as it lasts longer than say cotton or wool and is less expensive and more readily available. We match the best colour to your rug so that it blends with the rug. Serging is a great option for most area rugs.
For flat woven rugs or thin rugs we recommend binding. Binding is a 1/4 inch synthetic ribbon that is sewn on the edge of your rug. Binding is also best for left over carpet pieces. Old dingy worn fringes can make you rug look old and not very lovable. Let Luv-A-Rug cleaners add the love back into your rug with new fringes or a nice clean edge. 250-475-3922 www.luvarug.com
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary, your local Victoria BC rug cleaner and serging expert!

>A well loved wool rug, deep down

> The best way, as we know, to show what not to do is by using visual examples. On May 15th I got a prime example of what not to do to your wool flat weave area rug. The owner of this rug gave me full permission to write about his rug and what he did to it. He didn’t even care if I used his name. He knew that he messed up and nothing I said or wrote would change that.
His area rug was dirty and like most of us, to save money, he decided to do it himself. That is not good thing when your rug is wool and the colours are not stable/colourfast. He popped his 2.5 by 3.5 foot area rug in the washing machine, because it fit, and when it was done the colours had run. He was also very lucky that it didn’t shrink a lot only a little bit.
Unfortunately my before picture is in read only format so I cannot save it only view it. The important thing to note is that this little rug is very loved by it’s owner and it is not because of any grand story. No, it is because of a weaving oops. It is because of the little nose looking appendage and the fact that his rug asymmetrical. It doesn’t matter why someone loves their area rug, the important thing is that the rug is appreciated. Now that I look at the rug a little closer maybe that isn’t an oops. Maybe the center piece of the rug is a bird type figure? If you have a better insight please share.
When the rug took a spin in the washing machine the ends started to unravel, hence why it came into Luv-A-Rug for repair. To re-weave the ends would have outweighed the rugs value, so instead we sewed a binding ribbon on the ends of the rug. By doing this it stops the rug from fraying further, but it also makes this two sided rug a one sided rug. It was quite a sight with me and the owner trying to pick the best side as the “good” side. The colour bleeding looked pretty much the same on both sides, so that wasn’t a factor in our decision. It came down to the fact that the texture was a bit softer looking on one side, so that became the “good” side.
When our client came in to pick up his well loved rug, I rolled it out in a slightly dramatic fashion. I asked him if he was ready to see his new rug and then unfurled it out on the floor. He was over joyed at how it looked with the binding. He was very sweet and said that he wished he had more rugs for us to do because he was so impressed with our service. That is what we, at Luv-A-Rug, are about: We want you to fall back in love with your area rugs, so when the love starts to fade bring it to Luv-A-Rug. A good through cleaning or repair can make a big difference.
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

>Area Rug Repairs=Less Waste and More Love

> In the last month we have done a lot of area rug repairs. Mostly machine edging, binding and surging,see photo of surged edge, but we also did another wonderful hand repair. With all the area rugs being bought these days it is nice to see that some area rugs are still loved. I feel that area rugs have lost their meaning. Area rugs used to be something that was woven with love and a story, now they are mostly slapped together with glue and dollar signs. I am waiting for the day when hand knotted area rugs are the main type of area rug bought.
It is always nice when someone invests in the value of their area rug. The number one reason people invest in hand repairs is sentimental. Plus with a simple repair done to your area rug it won’t be thrown out. Not all area rugs breakdown so the longer you can use your area rug the better for the environment and your wallet.
This 2×3.5 foot Turkish area rug came to Luv-A-Rug a couple of weeks ago. The ends were fraying and the client wanted to keep the look of the rug. A machine repair wouldn’t have done justice to this area rug, but the more authentic, almost invisible, overcast stitch our hand repair guy does, it looks like new again. The client will be very pleased with the end results. It can be hard to picture what your area rug will look like after a repair, but we at Luv-A-Rug try to explain it so you can.

Now that you know Luv-A-Rug does hand repairs it is time to pull out grandma’s beloved area rug and bring it to us to see how we can love it back to use. Area rugs are pieces of art and with some care and a cleaning it can adorn your home once again.
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

Rug Repair Queen

Friday is upon us once more. It has been a long week mostly due to the fact I am looking forward to Sunday brunch. Things in the shop have picked up, mostly people have been picking up their rugs. Tuesday was a busy day for dropping off dirty rugs and Thursday was a busy pick up day. Today sales are good because we sold a huge rug pad order.
A gentleman bought 130 feet of twelve-foot length of comfort pad for hard floors, they have a lot of big Persian area rugs. The client also had to help me take down the two rolls from our upper loft because both of my male co-workers left the shop just before he arrived. He was very sweet about humouring my fear of being in the upper loft of the shop. I am not fond of highs, due to the fact that I do not like the falling and I don’t trust the construction of the upper loft, even though there are several hundred pounds of stuff stored there.
It is surprising how few people know about the benefits of using pad under their area rugs. To learn about the benefits of rug pad go to our website www.luvarug.com.
Today was the first day our new in-house rug repair lady worked. She is a from Iran and has been doing this for many years. I am excited about this because it gives the shop a more authentic rug feel and clients can see her working. She has done fringe repairs on about 8 rugs today. Many of our clients, who came in today, were telling us about rugs they have in need of repairs. Before our rug repair Queen we had to send our rug repairs to Vancouver, B.C. to be done. It was time-consuming and a little more expensive. Our clients will appreciate that their rug can be done in the shop.

A frayed fringe

Putting in a chainstitch

Good as new.
Our rug repair Queen is a great addition to our team.
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary