Dirty means time to clean not replace

After a dull, wet winter our area rugs have taken a beating. They have trapped in lot of loose dirty, salt, sand, and mud and after a few months of this they look really grubby. At Luv-A-Rug, in Victoria BC, we clean area rugs that barely look dirty to ones that are more dirt than rug.

Here is one runner that came in very dirty, you can barely see the original colours of the rug. This rug will get a lot of badgering (which is where we vibrate your rugs upside down to remove the deep down dirt), and many cleanings to restore this rug.

After we clean this rug I will do a follow-up blog post to show how it cleans up.

Luv-A-Rug understands that you can be embarrassing by the shape of your rugs, don’t be, we have seen rugs in all states of dirtiness. We care about restoring your rugs to a lovable state and making you happy. We take care of every type of spill, pet accident, moth damage, mold, odours, and dirt.

We are Woolsafe approved company and highly recommended by Persian Rug Guide Cleaners.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary- caring for all types of rugs in Victoria BC

Chinese wool area rug inquiry from the Netherlands

I am still amazed at how far and wide my blog reaches. In August I received this e-mail from R. in the Netherlands (names have been removed for privacy). I am honored that people ask me for my professional opinion and knowledge.a bout rugs.

Hello Mary.
I was searching for info for an I think Chinese rug with dragons and came on your blog. I think you know a lot about these kinds of rugs so that is why I send you this mail. My parents became hold of this rug from a friend who has had it for a long time. We don’t know if they bought it new or second-hand. The rug is a bit dirty with some spots that are difficult to clean we think.

Do you think it is worth to clean this rug or maybe we should try to sell it.

The rug is about 4.3 meters x 3.0 meters ( 6×9 feet) and weighs 60 or 70 kilo, I think. (to lift it we needed at least 2 adults)

Hopefully you can tell me a little more about this rug.

With kind regards,
 Rosmalen, The Netherlands

Here is my response to their e-mail:

Hello R., wow thanks for reading my blog. It is always nice to know that my blog reaches world-wide. Honestly R., any rug that you love and have a use for is always worth getting clean. I view rugs as a work of art more so than a floor covering. They make me feel good when I see and use them.

Five Clawed Chinese Dragon rug

This is a gorgeous Chinese rug. I love the dragons; they are fighting one another which is a typical Chinese usage of dragons. In my opinion the Chinese were the best at making the best blue in their rugs. I like that the dragon’s have 5 claws too, that is rare to see over here in Canada, especially Victoria. Most Chinese rugs with dragons have only 4 claws. (5 clawed dragons used to be only woven for royalty)

Chinese rugs are sensitive to spills, spot cleaners, improper cleaning and pet accidents, so they tend to stain easily. I am not sure if the spots on your rug would disappear or not. There looks to be some fading along the sides too. There are also some areas where the pile is worn down from use.

The rug would look a lot better if the fringes were removed and a serged edging sewn on. The fringes are very dingy and worn out.

Here is my video on how to tell if you will like your rug without fringes

I do hope that you have a use for this rug or if you do end up selling it that the new owners love it as much as I do. Thanks Mary.

They responded back that they really had no use for the rug due to the size, so they were going to try to sell it. I was hoping that they loved the rug enough to keep it, but we can’t keep every rug we get.

If you have a rug that you want me to write about e-mail me your story and pictures of the front and back. I love learning the personal history of rugs it makes them just that much more special. E-mail me at mary.luvarug@shaw.ca.

Thanks for reading and sharing, RugloverMary

Are you a shiny business or a human business? Customer review experience

When you do an internet search for a service, business or retail item you usually look at the reviews by customers. I did that when I was looking to buy my new TV a couple of years ago. Reviews help us decide whether we want to use the service or business, but how do you decide if the reviews are illegitimate?
Today at Luv-A-Rug we had a rare occurrence happen, we dropped the ball on our promise.

On June 30th we had a lovely lady from Saltspring Island bring in her old Zapotec Mexican rug for cleaning. Her rug belongs to her husband, his parents bought it for him when he was a boy. The rug is a lovely flat-weave that is red with white birds on it. A very unique rug to say the least. She asked if it could be ready for July 7th as that was the next time she would be in Victoria. Of course we said yes, because that gave us enough time to clean and apply our non-toxic protective finish on it. What we forgot was that Friday was a holiday and we would be closed.

Well today is July 7th and her rug was not ready for pick up! She was not happy since

  1. she was promised it would be ready
  2. she has company coming and
  3. the cost of ferry fare has gone up A lot and she only comes to Victoria when she needs to.

I first offered to have is shipped over by courier for her when it was ready, but since she needs it tomorrow morning that wasn’t going to work. I was panicking on the inside wracking my brain as to how to fix this FAST!

Then it occurred to me to call down to our cleaning spa where Aubrey was doing the rug badgering. I gave him the name and description of the rug and said I need it here NOW!

I offered to buy the client and her sister-in-law a beverage from the store while they waited the 10-15 minutes it would take Aubrey to bring the rug to our office. She declined, all she wanted was her rug and to make the 5 o’clock ferry back to Saltspring Island, it was now 2:50pm.

After I got off the phone with Aubrey she said she and her sister-in-law would walk down to the store and come back in 15 minutes. She also said that she was appreciative that I was doing everything I could to get her rug to her.

I apologized to her many times about the fact that we dropped the ball. We don’t mess up very often, but when we do we do it well ( as in not just a little bit) 🙂 The difference with Luv-A-Rug is that we will do everything we can to rectify any issues, even if it costs us to do so.

Here is another example of a major Oops that happened back in 2009 with a binding job and what we did to fix it.

She saw our van pull into the parking lot, so she made her way back to our office. Traffic was light so  Aubrey got here quicker than I thought which was very good. I was just doing a final inspection of her rug when she came in. As a thank you for being patience with us I removed the cost of the protective finish from her bill. She was very thankful for this, it was the least we could do for our Oops.

As her payment was processing I asked her if she searched the internet, when she said yes. I then asked if she would be so kind as to write a review for us telling the whole story about what just happened.

She looked at me a bit funny and said, ” Are you sure?”

I assured her that we wanted her to write about her experience with Luv-A-Rug because it shows that we aren’t perfect. That we are human, we care and we go the extra mile for our clients.

I look forward to her side of the story and I will blog about it at that time for everyone to read.

Do you show the world your imperfections as a business? If you don’t you should. It makes you look human and when a company is too perfect looking it can make people question what you are hiding.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary–real person

>Luv-A-Rug is making your Rugs lovable

>Most of the time when an area rug comes in to Luv-A-Rug for cleaning it isn’t easy to get a distinct before and after photo. Then there are perfect  rug candidates that show how a rug that looks ready to be tossed can be returned to beauty. Here is such a rug. It is a hand knotted Chinese rug 3×5 feet. The lady had bought it for the amazing price of $5.00 and paid just under $75.00 to have it cleaned. Not a bad investment in a rug that has had better days.

She was very happy that her newly acquired rug could be used in her home.

When an area rug becomes that heavily soiled it can be hard to tell how it will look after cleaning. Sometimes there could be hidden stains, the wool may be discoloured, or the rug refuses to look any different after cleaning. The best thing to do is to not let your rugs get to that point.

For the best cleaning results, clean up spills right away with a damp towel, get pet accidents cleaned quickly, and get your area rugs cleaned at least once a year. For rugs that get walked on daily getting them cleaned once every 6 months works best.

Luv-A-Rug’s Rugbadger gets rid of the hidden dirt that you can not see and that vacuums leave behind. Bring your area rugs to us for the best deep cleaning. 250-590-6210 or see our website.

Here’s to happy clean area rugs, RugloverMary

>RugloverMary is now officially on Google Profile

>I filled out my Google Profile today.

What will this do for me and my work: It is another way to increase my web presence.

It is never a bad thing when a client does a search for rug cleaning and Luv-A-Rug dominates the first page of the search. I have two area rug blogs, work website, Squidoo lenses, ads on local search sites, and twitter.

Wow when I think about it we have a lot of stuff for Luv-A-Rug out there floating around in cyber space.

It is my desire for Luv-A-Rug to dominate the search for rug cleaning in Victoria, BC. That would be a great accomplishment.

I did enjoy customizing my iGoogle page. To get a great page for yourself all you have to do is sign up for a Google account and if you already have one take 5-10 minutes to jazz it up.

I chose the Ansel Adams background, as my daddy’s name is Ansell and Ansel Adams took amazing photos.

believe if you are have a page on the web it should be personalized and even a little fun. We have forgotten that it is okay to have fun once in awhile.

Please do something a little bit fun today!

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

>Need New Fringes on your Area Rug?

We received this beautiful Persian area rug for cleaning and fringe repair. The fringes got a little too much love from the vacuum cleaner and from use.

After a good deep cleaning we sent this rug to our hand repair guy to see what he recommended.

The fringes of the rug were only worn down to the knot and to do the usual overcast stitch to stabilize the rug would have been a lot of work for our rug repair guy and expensive for the client.

Our rug repair guy would of had to unweave the fringes and the kilim (the white flat part between the rug and fringes) then do the overcast stitching. Very time consuming and unnecessary for this rug.
This is the back of the rug showing the original knots after repair.

Our hand repair guy trimmed back the original fringes to the knots, made them even in length, and then he sewed a fringe to the top side of the rug.

The new fringes hide the original knots and give the rug a fresh look. When fringes get worn down or stained they make your rug unlovable.

Luv-A-Rug can either replace the fringes or remove them completely.

It doesn’t matter what kind of rug you have either wool, synthetic, hand made or machine made, if you love the rug, but the fringes aren’t pristine bring it to Luv-A-Rug.

We can make your rug look fresh and new with new fringes or a nice clean edge with binding or serging. We are located at #2-4144 Wilkinson Rd. at Interurban. 250-475-3922/ 1-800-886-2802.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

Crazy weather

It was a very nice sunny warm day here in Victoria BC. It reached 25 degrees Celsius in the shop today and outside was 9 degrees Celsius.

I had to open the door to the shop because it got too warm. We have a west-facing wall of four big windows and the sun shines through from 11 AM until sunset. It is predicted to be sunny and warm all week and into the weekend, but we will see.

I never trust the weather people. When I want to know what the weather is like I go outside. Much more effective than hoping the weather person is right. Plus they seem to always say it will be cloudy with sunny periods and slight possibility of showers. You can’t be wrong when you cover all your bases.

Every Tuesday I come to work wondering what the day and week will have in store for me. Tuesday’s are usually a busy phone call day with me returning messages left on the weekend and making reminder calls for clients to pick up their area rugs. Plus with all the calls we receive throughout the day.

The good thing about the sun shining is that people start to see how dirty their area rugs have gotten over the winter months. Since we didn’t get a lot of rain this year we didn’t get the mass of flooded rugs.

Saturday was a huge drop off the rug for cleaning day for us. We had a lot of larger (9×12) rugs and some are very dusty rugs. We had to turn away two cream synthetic shags.

The cat was using them as a litter box. There was no way we could have gotten enough of the smell out to make them use able 😦 We don’t like to turn away rugs, but some are just too far gone to be saved.

We had two British India’s dropped off that we had to dispose of. They were 3×5 and had moth activity and pet urine odour. To clean, do our moth and odour treatments, with unknown on the results of odour removal, was more than the client was willing to invest.

She didn’t really want the rugs, so she wasn’t that upset. If there was a sentimental value to them or they were a more valuable rug we would have gone ahead with the work.

Our clients appreciate our honesty when we tell them the cleaning expectations for their area rugs. If we know that we cannot exceed or meet our clients expectations we will let them know.

This is what waited for me on February 6th when I came into work. No big surprise that it was my birthday. I was 28, give or take a few years, Hehe! A huge vase of 24 tulips and a big balloon!

My boss is great! I love tulips! They were on my coffee table until they exploded and I had to finally admit that they were dead. I still have the balloon tied to the vase in my bedroom.

When I got on the bus that night the bus driver opened the door and wished me a happy birthday! I do find it a bit embarrassing that people knew it was my birthday. I don’t like to open gifts or have people sing Happy Birthday to me. I enjoy getting attention, but not the limelight.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary