Dirty means time to clean not replace

After a dull, wet winter our area rugs have taken a beating. They have trapped in lot of loose dirty, salt, sand, and mud and after a few months of this they look really grubby. At Luv-A-Rug, in Victoria BC, we clean area rugs that barely look dirty to ones that are more dirt than rug.

Here is one runner that came in very dirty, you can barely see the original colours of the rug. This rug will get a lot of badgering (which is where we vibrate your rugs upside down to remove the deep down dirt), and many cleanings to restore this rug.

After we clean this rug I will do a follow-up blog post to show how it cleans up.

Luv-A-Rug understands that you can be¬†embarrassing¬†by the shape of your rugs, don’t be, we have seen rugs in all states of dirtiness. We care about restoring your rugs to a lovable state and making you happy. We take care of every type of spill, pet accident, moth damage, mold, odours, and dirt.

We are Woolsafe approved company and highly recommended by Persian Rug Guide Cleaners.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary- caring for all types of rugs in Victoria BC

Hey Vancouver BC, Luv-A-Rug can help your rugs that have moth damage

I just got off the phone with a lady from Vancouver BC, which is just across the water from Victoria BC. She was a bit frustrated at the lack of information and companies that take care of moth infested rugs in her area. One short 8 minute call with me, RugloverMary, and she feels much better that her rug can be saved. She has an Indu-Gabbeh that was purchased at the Swedish Home store and it is in the perfect colours for her new home, unfortunately it has moth damage.

I told her that Gabbeh rugs are my favorite all time rugs. I explained to her how the life cycle and feeding needs of the moths works, and what we do to eliminate moth infestations here at Luv-A-Rug, and I gave her a couple of names of companies in Vancouver area that might be able to help her.

Because I was very helpful, friendly and knew how to care for her rug, we are getting her rug brought over to us by courier for cleaning and moth control. Just because we are not in her immediate neighbourhood doesn’t mean that we cannot care for her rug.

If you do not live on Vancouver Island, or near Victoria, BC Luv-A-Rug can still clean and repair your rugs. Our courier is safe, insured and does overnight or next day delivery to most areas.

Here is my video showing a different Gabbeh rug that was a moth feast:

It is not the first time we have had area rugs shipped to us for cleaning. In May 2010 we had a rug from Vernon BC shipped to us for cleaning and repair after the storage unit it was in had a leak. It is also not the first time I have helped someone outside of Vancouver Island/Victoria BC with moth damage. Last year I helped a lady living in Winnipeg, Manitoba via e-mail that had moth damage.

It is nice being the wool moth expert. We all have to be good at something and I like the odd stuff. Moths gross people out, but for me they help me educate clients and the world about how to care, store, and save their beloved rugs

Here is the latest victim of moths to come to our shop. This rug had huge sentimental value to the client, but it was peed on by their dog and then rolled up and stored away without being cleaned. The moth larva had a good feast and were still feasting when I filmed them. This rug was unfortunately too far gone to be saved, so please always get pet accidents professionally cleaned right away.

So if you don’t live in Victoria BC, but find me, RugloverMary, or anything I wrote/filmed about moths contact me. I can help. Either we can get the rug to us here at Luv-A-rug or help you find the right professionals in your area.

Here are a few tips to protect your rugs from moth infestations:

  • Always clean your rugs after a pet accident and storing for even a short time.
  • Vacuum your entire rug and under the edges to eliminate the dirt moths need to survive.
  • Clean your air ducts every year before using them.
  • Clean away any old wasp, bird, rodent nests from outside your home and the attic.
  • Get your rugs professionally cleaned by a Wool Safe Certified company every 1-3 years.

To contact Luv-A-Rug you can call us at 250-590-6210/800-886-2802 or e-mail me directly at mary.luvarug@shaw.ca or luvvie@shaw.ca

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary-helping protect wool rugs from Moths!

Moths Attack Wool Rugs in Victoria BC

A wool hand tufted area rug came to Luv-A-Rug for cleaning. The client told me that the rug had been stored for a while. When I hear that a rug was stored without being cleaned first I automatically start to look for moth activity.It doesn’t matter if you store your rug from a few weeks to several years, if your rug hasn’t been cleaned moths will find it.

I didn’t find moth damage, I found something much better. I found live moth larva eating the rug! I was excited about finding the moths, the client-not so much.

There are two different types of moths that eat wool: the clothes moth and the webbing moth. The moths that are common to Victoria, BC are the clothes moth.

It isn’t very often that we find moth damage in this early stage. It is usually after they have eaten a noticeable hole or a professional has pointed it out the empty larva casings. When I unrolled the rug I had disturbed them and they started to move, it is easier to notice them, since dirt doesn’t wiggle around.

I noticed the one first and after I found him, finding the smaller ones was easy after that. I found at least 10 larva, but there were more I am sure hiding within the wool fibers. When I tried to capture them in pictures they kept disappearing into the fibers. I guess they were camera-shy. There will be no noticeable damage to this rug because they were caught early.

This little one is about a 1/4 inch in length. With my extensive experience with moth larva, I would say that this little guy hadn’t eaten very much yet because he was still clear and not the colour of the wool fibers.

The larva change to the colour of the fibers that they eat. After the larva go into the cocoon stage the casing they leave behind is also the colour of the wool they ate. The casing look like flat pieces of rice.

These little guys ate the back of a rug just past the fringes/tassels. The excrement is like fine sand. When you find flat pieces of rice shaped casings on your rugs you need to get them cleaned and treated professionally

It is really hard to find the moth eggs. They are very small, like fine sand, and are attached to the bottom of the wool fibers.

Luv-A-Rug must do our non-toxic, non-chemical moth treatment to all rugs we find with evidence of moth activity, since there is no way to tell if all the eggs have hatched, how old the moth damage is, and if there are tiny larva hiding within the fibers. It takes just one male and female egg to hatch and you rug can become a great lunch buffet.

I am glad that the client had mentioned that the rug was in stored. If he hadn’t said anything and I forgot to ask, the unhatched eggs would probably have survived the cleaning and damage could have occurred.

How could the eggs survive the badgering and cleaning process?

The female moth attaches the eggs to the bottom of the wool fibers with a glue like fluid. This makes the eggs hard to remove by vibration, cleaning and vacuuming alone. The eggs are very small, less than 1 mm in diameter, and up to one hundred eggs can be laid by a single female moth.

Moth’s do serious damage to wool area rugs that is why we will not clean an area rug if we find evidence of moth activity. When you do have one rug that has been home to moths, you need to have all your wool rugs cleaned and treated. There is no guarantee that they stayed on one rug and that your other rugs don’t already have eggs or larva in them.

Moths that eat wool love dark, dirty, undisturbed areas of your wool rugs. They need organic dirt such as pet urine, drink spills, dead skin cells, pet dander, etc, so when you vacuum you need to do the whole rug, even under and behind furniture.Plus check at least a foot under all the sides of your rugs to make sure they aren’t eating it from the back.

It isn’t always easy to get the hard to reach places, but it is necessary to vacuum them at least one a month and get it professionally cleaned at least every year or two.

Here is more information about the clothes moth and how to spot them and prevent an infestation.


Just because you aren’t using your rug doesn’t mean that something isn’t. When you roll up your rug and store it away without cleaning it, even for a short time, clothes moth can make it their home.

Clothes moth like the climate in Victoria, BC and have done a lot of damage to many wool rugs. Clothes moths are very small, about a half an inch long, and are a golden colour, but it is their larvae that eats the wool on your rugs and clothing. After the egg hatches into a very tiny worm like larvae they immediately start eating your wool rug and it doesn’t take long for them to do a lot of damage.

On May 12, 2011 Luv-A-Rug received 3 phones in a row about moths that have eaten area rugs. The first call came from Duncan, BC about many rugs that had moth damage to them. The rugs were cleaned then rolled up and store in the same room that their pet Parrots slept in. The owner was wondering how the clean rugs got infested since the rugs were not used.

The small feathers and bird droppings would have attracted the moths and then they would have moved onto the rugs for a more undisturbed food source. That is why wrapping your rugs properly after cleaning is so important. Even though the rugs were cleaned if they aren’t wrapped up, NEVER IN PLASTIC, they can collect the organic dust from humans and pets in the air and moths will move in on your wool rugs.

Out of sight is not the best when it comes to your wool rugs. It may seem like a hassle or an added expense to get your rugs cleaned, but what is cheaper; getting your rugs cleaned or having to deal with a moth infestation or worse having to replace the rug?

The second call came from a storage facility here in Victoria that had a client who stored a very large rug in one of their units for under a year. The rug was around 15×20 feet and stored standing on one end and when they took it out of the storage unit one end had a lot of moth damage. Chances are that a rug that size had moths present on the rug before storing and it was not cleaned or wrapped prior to storing. The owners of the rug decided to toss the rug and the owners of the storage place called up and wanted to know how much to clean and repair it.

The third call was from a lovely retired lady who lives in Cordova Bay here in Victoria. She had a flood in her home and her British Indian rug got wet, so the rug was rolled up and put away while the flood damage was fixed to the rest of the floor. When she went to put the rug back she discovered that moths had damaged one end of it.

She called to get us to take a look at it, she had done a Google search for moth damage, to see if it could be trimmed back and re edged. The boss is going to go take a look at it on Saturday when he does free pick up and delivery. I can tell you without looking at the rug that we can save her rug and make it usable again.

This rug is a 9×12.8 wool British India (Aubusson)and we are cutting both ends of the rug back to the same point of the pattern to make it symmetrical and serging the ends.

The rug got flooded and had a piece of furniture on it, so along with sever moth damage there is the rust stains as well.

There is also a twist to this story, the owners are moving into a small place and having to trim back the rug to a smaller size means that they can use the rug in their new dining room. It just goes to show that not all rug disasters end with the rug getting thrown out.

Now I bet you are thinking that we always say we can fix any rug no matter what shape it is in, but you would be incorrect. The staff at Luv-A-Rug know how the different types of area rugs are made and the cleaning concerns for each rug and stain.When you have us clean your rug we let you know if it is worth cleaning and what the cleaning results will be.

Before you throw away your old, really dirty, or damaged area rug bring it to us or get us to pick it up first. If you like your rug we will do our best to save it and make it lovable for you.

Here’s to less rugs in the landfill, RugloverMary.

>Live Moth Larva, cute but dangerous

>The elusive wool eating moth larva are shy little guys and it is hard to see them at work, but I have found them damaging a wool area rug. This rug was in a room that was used regularly, but it was rolled up and everyday dust and dirt made it a perfect home for moths.

They are hard to see up close with the camera because the largest one was no more that 1/4 of an inch long. There were more moth larva on this 3×5 foot rug, but as soon as I tried to get a closer look they disappeared into the fibers. These little guys were not that old, a few days at the most. They had not eaten enough wool yet to make any serious damage, but it wouldn’t have taken much longer for them to do damage.

When you are not using your rugs get them cleaned before storing them, even if you are leaving them rolled up in a spare room. Moths don’t care which room you put them in or if it is only for a month. They want a food supply for their larva to eat when they hatch.

After you get your rug cleaned if it is not wrapped properly for storage the rug can still become victim of moths. If your rug can get dust and dirt on it from the air it can make a good home for moths eventually. NEVER WRAP AREA RUGS IN PLASTIC FOR STORAGE! Plastic traps in moisture which causes many other problems to your rug whether it is wool or synthetic.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary, protecting your rugs from moths.

>The Beginnings of moth damage to a Wool rug


Eagle eyes can stop Moth damage
I have written a lot of blogs about moth damage, but it was after the larva had eaten away a lot of the wool fibers. On Saturday we picked up a large Chinese rug from the Oak Bay area that had the beginnings of moth damage. Now when you inspect the back edges of your rug you will have a better idea what to look for.

As you can see the damage is very slight, but after a few weeks the larva can eat several inches and you wouldn’t know it until you vacuumed and a hole appeared.

Whenever we find any evidence of moth larva activity we have to put your rug through our non-toxic moth treatment. The moth eggs are too small to see with the naked eye and the female moth can lay up to a hundred eggs at one time. There is no way of knowing how many eggs have hatched or how many are waiting to hatch.

Contrary to popular myth moth eggs do not go dormant for months like flea eggs. After a few weeks of not having the ideal hatching conditions they die, but again there is no way to tell if the eggs are still alive. That is why we must do our moth treatment to all rugs with any signs of moth activity. We cannot have cross contamination to our shop or another rug, plus it isn’t good business to send a rug home and have the moth larva hatch and eat the rug.

If you can catch the moth damage early enough there is no visible damage to your rug. Remember a clean rug doesn’t attract moths, so get your rug cleaned professionally every year or two, vacuum your entire rug often and check under the edges (4-6 inches) for the starting of moth activity.

If you do find moth activity call us and we will come pick up your rug and start our moth treatment right away.
250-590-6210/1-800-886-2802. Or if your rug is small you can bring it to our place on 4144 Wilkinson at Interurban.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

>Another Rug Victim to Moths


What lurks in your basement could be eating your area rug

Last month we had a lovey lady come into Luv-A-Rug asking about getting a very large rug cleaned. The rug had been rolled up in the basement for years.

She was hosting a very special musical event here in Victoria and needed a rug to go under the piano.
The rug size was estimated at 12×16 feet, a very large rug by today’s standards.

The area rug was not professionally cleaned nor properly wrapped for storage. My first thought and concern was that the rug was home to a lot of moth larva and damage. Moth’s only leave a rug when they run out of the food source, ie wool.

The boss went to her house to look at the rug, and I am sad to report that it was very moth damaged. We could have cleaned the rug and did our moth treatment to it, but it was unusable. The moths had eaten away too much of the fibers to hide the damage.

All too often area rugs are rolled up and put in basements and storage units without being professionally cleaned and wrapped correctly for storage. Moths love dirty, dark, undisturbed area rugs. Having a dirty rug rolled up and stored improperly is prime for the little moths. Luv-A-Rug cleans and wraps area rugs for storing.

Do not take for granted that if you use a professional storage unit that your rug will be safe. Two weeks ago I had two phone calls from a client here in Victoria and one from Vernon, BC where their rugs were in Storage Places and their rugs got wet. Both were caused by carelessness of the Storage Places not the people renting the units. If the rugs were wrapped in Tyvek for storage they would have been safe.

No matter if you are storing it for a few months or years. It doesn’t take long for a pregnant female moth to lay 50-100 eggs and for them to hatch and start eating your beloved rug. It saves you time and money to get your rug cleaned before putting it away.

You may think that I have written enough about moths and the damage they cause, but I don’t think so. If that were the case I wouldn’t see a lot less rugs that had moth damage. It is as simple as that.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary wool moth expert