The best place to find Area Rugs in Nanaimo BC

Unfortunately, since publishing this post Blumberg Rugs has closed.

If you have any questions about which type of rug works best for your home you can call Luv-A-Rug 250-590-6210/ 1-800-886-2802 or drop by 445 Beta St Victoria BC and ask us. With so many different types of rugs out there,  it can be overwhelming to choose the best one. Having a little bit of knowledge about rugs before you go shopping makes the process a lot less stressful.

When you are needing to buy and area rug and live north of the Malahat it can be a hassle trying to get to Victoria to find one. Good news is that there is hidden gem of a rug gallery in Nanaimo at Woodgrove Shopping Centre.

Blumberg Rugs Original has a great selection of hand-knotted and modern area rugs. The owner, Justin Blumberg, is very knowledgeable and trustworthy in rugs from Persian to Oriental to modern shags. He will help you choose the rug that is right for your home.

If you are not sure if the rug will work with your furnishings or if the size is correct, you can take a rug home with you and try it for 24 hours before you buy it. That way you can always be sure the rug is perfect for your home.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary, helping you find the best area rugs.

>Area Rug Cleaning Gone for the Weekend

>So , it is Friday May 20th and the long weekend has started here for a lot of people in Victoria, BC. The community plaza where our office is has been pretty dead today, so how does one pass the time and be productive when all I really want is to be out enjoying the day?

Well first I vacuum and clean and organize everything I can, second I browse rug blogs and leave comments on ones that appeal to me and third I read one of the most definitive area rug books by Ellen Amirkhan and Aaron Groseclose, A Comprehensive Guide to Oriental & Specialty Rug Cleaning. I am trying to learn how to identify all the different types of Persian rugs.

I am having a hard time retaining all the different characteristics of Heriz, Shiraz, Tabriz, Bijar and many more Persian and Tribal rugs. To learn more about these Persian rugs the best website is by Barry O’Connell and that is where the above link will take you to.

I may never be able to remember how to tell the different Persian rugs apart, but just the fact that I know to identify between Persian, Turkish, Chinese, British Indian, Belgium is more than most people can do. I do know what a Hamadan Persian rug is and sometime I see a Nain Persian come in for cleaning, but because I don’t see every type of Persian every day I tend to lose the identifying factors after I read them.

I, however, do not have a favorite type of Persian rug. I am embarrassed to admit this, but I like a Persian rug based mostly on the colours and design. Being in the rug cleaning business I feel like I should love all Persians because of the history and workmanship and I do appreciate that about Persian rugs. What I don’t like is the almost over use of the colours of red and navy. After you see a hundred or so of red and navy Persians in a few months you grow bored of that combination no matter quality and history.

Now for those of you who own a Persian rug with the red and navy colour palette don’t think that I hate your rug it is just not my choice of rug to personally own. We all have reasons for liking the area rugs we do and that is one of mine.

Here is to a nice and safe long weekend for those who get one, RugloverMary- picky Persian lover

>Have a Large Rug You Want to Use but Cannot?

> Are you now in possession of an area rug that is too big for you to use?

If you ever find yourself inheriting an area rug from a family member that you like but cannot use due to the size there is help.

At first glance of this Persian area rug you wouldn’t know that it has been shortened. Yes this rug as cut then seamed together.

It was done in the middle even though looking at the far end it looks like the diamond was cut in half. That is where they stopped the pattern for some reason. I don’t know why they didn’t finish the last diamond, but it adds character to the hand knotted rug.

Here is what the rug looks like on the back where it was sewn together.

You can clearly see the difference in the small diamond design.

This rug was shortened by a professional area rug repairer. The rug is rewoven to make it whole and then stitched to keep everything together.

This as what caught my eye when I was doing my visual inspection of this Persian rug. Normally when you see two different colours in a hand knotted rug it is abrash, when wool that was dyed at different times is used.

It was the line in the rug that made me look closer. This is why a thorough pre-inspection of rugs is necessary.

If I didn’t point this out to the client and they didn’t know about it before hand, they would have been surprised to see it after cleaning.

They may think that our cleaning process lightened areas of their rug, until we showed them the seam in the back.

You may be thinking how would someone not notice that the rug was altered when they got the rug? Easy, the client could have gotten this rug second hand and plus, when we go shopping for an area rug we are thinking about:

  • Size
  • Colours/design
  • Price

I point out things to clients all the time that they have never noticed about their rugs. People only really look at their rugs after they have been cleaned or when they were in someone else possession.
After reading this go take a good look at your rugs front and back, if possible. What do you see?

  • Does the colour change through the pattern
  • Is the rug straight on all sides
  • Is the border exactly the same on both sides
  • Is the colour darker or lighter on the back
  • Are the fringes the same on both ends

You maybe surprised at what you find.

Here at Luv-A-Rug, in Victoria BC we can alter the size of most area rugs, depending whether they are machine made or hand knotted or tufted. Why should you have an area rug that you cannot use?

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary, Your Victoria BC rug cleaning and rug repair expert!

>Area Rugs, My Passion

>Today I was thanked by a few clients for sharing my area rug knowledge with them. It seems like a small thing letting people know about different are rugs, but it is not.

I love showing people the difference between:

  • a hand knotted rug and a machine made
  • what to check for when buying a hand tufted rug
  • pros and con’s of the different types of area rugs.

My passion shines through when I get talking about area rugs.

My goal is to teach people that area rugs are more than just a floor covering. Area rugs are art, a piece of history, a story, a passion.

Age adds character and quirks to hand knotted area rugs.

To some, this very old Persian rug may be ready to toss, but it is still beautiful and rich with history.

The personal history of this rug is what makes it desired to the owner.

Hand knotted area rugs are the best kind of area rug. When shopping around for hand knotted area rugs, please visit a rug dealer.

Two really good ones are located in Antique Row on Fort St., Victoria, BC.

Babak’s Oriental Carpets 919 Fort St. 250-480-7114

Caspian Persian Carpets 824 Fort St. 250-383-3434

Both have great selections of hand knotted rugs and great prices.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

>Need New Fringes on your Area Rug?

We received this beautiful Persian area rug for cleaning and fringe repair. The fringes got a little too much love from the vacuum cleaner and from use.

After a good deep cleaning we sent this rug to our hand repair guy to see what he recommended.

The fringes of the rug were only worn down to the knot and to do the usual overcast stitch to stabilize the rug would have been a lot of work for our rug repair guy and expensive for the client.

Our rug repair guy would of had to unweave the fringes and the kilim (the white flat part between the rug and fringes) then do the overcast stitching. Very time consuming and unnecessary for this rug.
This is the back of the rug showing the original knots after repair.

Our hand repair guy trimmed back the original fringes to the knots, made them even in length, and then he sewed a fringe to the top side of the rug.

The new fringes hide the original knots and give the rug a fresh look. When fringes get worn down or stained they make your rug unlovable.

Luv-A-Rug can either replace the fringes or remove them completely.

It doesn’t matter what kind of rug you have either wool, synthetic, hand made or machine made, if you love the rug, but the fringes aren’t pristine bring it to Luv-A-Rug.

We can make your rug look fresh and new with new fringes or a nice clean edge with binding or serging. We are located at #2-4144 Wilkinson Rd. at Interurban. 250-475-3922/ 1-800-886-2802.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

>Hunting Area Rugs

> I need to Warn readers that this post may not be suitable for the faint of heart, animal lovers, naturalist, and humanitarians.

Surrounding Vancouver Island, where Victoria and Luv-A-Rug is located, are several smaller habitable islands.

One such island is Saltspring Isl. We get lots of area rugs from Saltspring for cleaning.

One such rug order we received included five Persian area rugs, one Pakistan area rug. One of the rugs we were told was at least one hundred years old.

This rug is very loved and treasured by the owner. There is a distinct wear pattern in the rug and the pile has worn away to the point that it looks like corduroy fabric. These are the rugs I love to see because they have a history and a thousand memories contained in every knot.

This is an old Hunting area rug. One of the unique details about this rug is that the pattern doesn’t duplicate. The animals duplicate but not the pattern. The hunting rugs that are made today are much milder in design. They feature animals only, not “hunting” scenes. Older hunting area rugs told a story of warriors being triumphant. Every area rug tells a story hunting rugs just have the pictures to go along with it.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

>Fall back in love with your Persian Area Rug

>Two weeks ago today we had this Persian area rug brought in. It belonged to the husband’s mother and she had it for years.

They were now taking ownership of it and needed to have it cleaned and repaired. The wife also wanted to know how old the rug was and what kind of Persian it was. I did my magic of posting a picture of it on the Rug hub. It is the site for rug cleaners to ask questions and share their rug knowledge.

The response I got was that it was probably made in the 1920’s, so it is almost an antique, and is a Heriz. To learn more about Persian Heriz rugs visit

The Heriz is just under 8 feet by 11.5 feet. The ends were fraying to the point where the body of the area rug was getting damaged. Our hand repair guy evened up the ends and did an over stitch to stop the rug from fraying anymore.

The owners of the rug were very happy with the results. After we cleaned the rug, the colours brightened and it became soft again.

It wasn’t hard to fall back in love with their Persian Heriz area rug. They have brought us the rest of their area rugs for cleaning and some we did a machine repair to. We edged them with binding and surging.

Another happy client and another example that your area rug may not be ready to retire just yet.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary