Dirty means time to clean not replace

After a dull, wet winter our area rugs have taken a beating. They have trapped in lot of loose dirty, salt, sand, and mud and after a few months of this they look really grubby. At Luv-A-Rug, in Victoria BC, we clean area rugs that barely look dirty to ones that are more dirt than rug.

Here is one runner that came in very dirty, you can barely see the original colours of the rug. This rug will get a lot of badgering (which is where we vibrate your rugs upside down to remove the deep down dirt), and many cleanings to restore this rug.

After we clean this rug I will do a follow-up blog post to show how it cleans up.

Luv-A-Rug understands that you can be¬†embarrassing¬†by the shape of your rugs, don’t be, we have seen rugs in all states of dirtiness. We care about restoring your rugs to a lovable state and making you happy. We take care of every type of spill, pet accident, moth damage, mold, odours, and dirt.

We are Woolsafe approved company and highly recommended by Persian Rug Guide Cleaners.

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What is the most common reason why you get your area rugs cleaned?

The typical answer is not because your rug is dirty. Area rugs are dirty way before they look dirty.

I am in the dog house

The most common reason why you get your rugs cleaned is pet accidents. Our pets know that the rug will work as a great indoor bathroom, as their napkin or to let you know they are not happy with you. It doesn’t seem to matter if you only have one rug or many rugs, pets know that the rug is the place to use.

I know first hand how frustrating it is when your dog pees on the rug. My sweet little Chihuahua, Texas (see picture) likes to forget why we go outside, that is why I only have one rug in my home.

There is one big mistake that you need to stop doing, especially if you have a new puppy and that is waiting. Waiting for puppy to be fully trained before you get your rugs cleaned.

The longer pet urine is in your rug the harder it is to remove the smell and the stains. Plus when your pet starts using your rugs as bathrooms it is harder to get them to stop. There is a myth that if your dog or cat can smell the urine they will continue to keep going on the rugs. That is marginally true. The truer statement is that once they get away with peeing on the rug they think that it is okay to go their. It is more behavioral than odour, unless another animal comes into your home and then they will mark the rug because they smell the urine. Having pet urine, vomit or feces in your rug is not healthy for you, your home, the air you breath, your pets and your rug.

If your pet did any of those things on an article of clothing you would clean it right away, so why would you want to wait weeks or months before you get your rug cleaned?

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>Pet Urine and Area Rugs


Today we received two hand tufted area rugs that were used as indoor bathrooms. It is never good to find out that your beloved four legged baby has been mis-using your rugs.

Why our pets like to always go on the rug is not clear, maybe they know rugs will absorb just like outside does. All I know for sure is that Luv-A-rug cleans a lot of area rugs that have pet urine accidents.

If the accident is still wet (this is a professional secret tip) use a wet vac to vacuum the spot. Using towels can push the urine deeper into your rug. 

Do not use baking soda on area rugs for pet accidents or any other kind of spill. It can discolour your rug permanently.

Watch out for spot removal treatments that are not wool safe, most are made for synthetic carpet, always read the label. Always check for colour bleed and with an area rug professional cleaner before attempting to deal with pet urine yourself.

Once the urine has dried it becomes harder to remove. If you don’t notice right away that your pet has a new bathroom it can cause permanent damage, and becomes a great place for moth larva to eat.

Do not wait until the puppy is trained until you tend to the problem of accidents, the longer you wait the more permanent the smell and staining becomes. Either remove your rugs completely while training or buy an inexpensive rug to replace your good ones.

The best way check to if your rug has been used as a bathroom is look and smell the corners of your rug, look at the back of the rug for staining, pets like to use spots near furniture and near doors. Even the most trained pets can have an accident so check rooms that you don’t use much to see if your rugs have been mis-used.

When you do find pet accidents on your rugs get them professionally cleaned. Taking your rug outside and hosing it down can cause damage to your rug, it is not the best way to get rid of pet urine.

For pet accidents in Victoria BC call Luv-A-Rug  250-590-6210/1-800-886-2802

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Goat Hair Rug

There hasn’t been too much happening on the dirty rug front, except a lot of pet urine. If the smell doesn’t get to you, telling the rug owner that the yellow stains are permanent does. From my experience all yellow stains on wool area rugs are Permanent. It doesn’t matter if it was a bathroom for your pet or (cringe) baking soda as a spot remover. Just to let you know baking soda isn’t recommended as a spot cleaner especially for wool.
Last week I had the wonderful experience of see my first all goat hair area rug. The warps, wefts and pile were all goat hair. When I told the client how special her rug is, she was a little embarrassed to say that she uses it as a front entry rug. I told her that is why area rugs are made is to be used. I like goat hair more than camel-hair rugs. I have a mental/moral reaction with touching a camel-hair area rug.

The rug is 2.5×3 feet. What baffles me a little bit is that the brown/greyish fibers is blue on the back. I looked at the base of the fiber and it is brown/greyish all the down. I am sure there is an explanation, hopefully someone out there can let me know.

This shows the colour difference between the front and back.

The back.

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