How and where to find a Reputable Rug and Carpet cleaner

If you never had to hire a carpet or rug cleaner, it can be hard to sort through the countless companies in your city.

How can you choose one that is reputable, does a professional job, stands behind what they do, and won’t price scam you?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place to find a list of pre-screened rug and carpet cleaning companies?

Well I am here to tell you that such a place exists.

Your first place to search for a rug and carpet cleaner in the USA, Canada and even the UK is the Persian Carpet Guide, scroll down the page until you find your city.

Barry O’Connell from has done the hard work for you. He has chosen the best cleaners in many cities using a strict list of guidelines. The companies must be ethical, have the correct training to clean rugs, have a functional website, professional, and clean with the correct methods.

If you don’t find a cleaner in your city, call one from a city close to you to see if they also clean in your area.

In Victoria BC, Luv-A-Rug is your Wool Safe certified area rug cleaners. We care about your rugs and are trained to care for them, making your rugs clean and healthy for your home.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary- passionate about your rugs

>How many times does your rug need to be cleaned?

>This past week I have noticed that I keep surprising our clients when I tell them how long it takes to clean their area rugs. Here is a typical conversation with a client dropping off a rug for cleaning:

Client, “When will my rug be ready?”

Me, ” It can take 4-7 days depending on how many times your rug needs to be cleaned.”

Client,” Really? So you clean it more than once?”

Me, ” Yes we clean it as many times as needed to get all the dirt and/or odour out.”

Client, ” That is good to know. I appreciate that you thoroughly clean my rug.”

Your area rugs may not look that dirty, but once we start our cleaning process of vibrating your rug and cleaning with wool safe soap and warm water a lot of dirt is removed. Because we go deeper than steam cleaning we can guarantee that your rugs are clean and healthy after Luv-A-Rug cleans them

Since not all rugs are made the same,the cleaning is not the same either. The staff at Luv-A-Rug cares about your rugs, we know that area rugs require special care and cleaning.

So how many times does Luv-A-Rug clean your rug? We repeat our cleaning process until your rug is clean.

Here’s to many happy clean and healthy area rugs, RugloverMary

>Silence in the Area Rug World

>I follow a few blogs about area rugs and I haven’t seen any new posts from any of them lately. It is the summertime and priorities have changed with children out of school and holidays, but you still have to work at some point. Why are you not blogging about area rugs?

I like to read what other rug cleaners and experts have to say. It helps me in my job and increases my knowledge and curiosity of area rugs.

When I am passionate about my job it carries onto our clients and they get excited about rugs as well.

When the other rug bloggers don’t write they are keeping all of their knowledge to themselves. Not sharing what you do doesn’t help make you stand out from the crowd.

Share your passion!

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary