Forgive me Shag Rug Lovers…………

modern shag…but I am not a fan of Modern Shag rugs and here’s why.

The longer I work at Luv-A-Rug the more I get annoyed. I am annoyed at all the rug manufactures that make rugs out of fibers that cannot be cleaned. Some rugs once they get dirty and stained that is it they cannot be cleaned to look new and clean again.

I was looking at some rug selling websites this week and I was shocked at what they are using as fibers on some of these rugs. It looks like someone went to a craft store and bought all the fancy string, ribbon, felt, and cloth and then went and made rugs with it.

Don’t get me wrong the rugs look amazing, beautiful and modern, but they aren’t made to be walked on.

Shag rugs are not a bad rug choice when they are used properly. It would also be nice if not all shag rugs were off white, cream, or beige, at least the ones sold in Victoria BC.

I call Shag rugs the Divas of the rug world. They need to vacuumed and cleaned more often that other rugs, they are also sensitive to spills and pet urine. Plus some don’t like to be walked on.

My lack of appreciation for shag rugs may stem from the fact that even though I was born in the 70’s, I did not grow up with shag carpet in my home. Plus I am now looking at rugs from a cleaning point of view and an environmental one too.
When you are out looking for rugs think about vacuuming and cleaning it. If you don’t know how it can be vacuumed easily or how you would clean up a messy spill, you may want to keep looking for a more useable rug.

I know that in Victoria BC, because shag rugs are not expensive to buy that a lot end up getting tossed out and replaced, usually by another shag. I wrote about how we are a disposable/green society and the shag rugs I see fit right into that.

This is my plea to area rug makers to start making rugs that stand up to being used everyday and from fibers and products that last and are not harmful to humans, pets or the environment, Please!

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary- healthy, beautiful rug and environment lover

>Shag Area Rugs…….Good or Bad?

>At Luv-A-Rug we see many shags come in for cleaning every week most of them have become the dogs or cats litter box. To little Fido a shag rug looks and acts just like outside so why not use it. That is not why you bought the shag rug, you bought it because it may have invoke a sentimental childhood response, plus they look really good in the store display.

Shag rugs don’t have to be a temporary if they are used in the right areas in your home. Shag rugs are perfect for a bedroom on in an area that isn’t walked on a lot. The more a shag is walked on the quicker it can wear out and become unlovable.  Just like any other kind of rug they make good shags and bad shags. The quality of a shag can depend on the way it is constructed, either glued, woven, or sewn together. It can also depend on the manufacturer and their quality standards. 

When thinking of purchasing a Shag rug think about where you will put it in your house and how much use it will get. Also give the fibers a little tub or rub your hand in a circle over them to make sure it isn’t going to shed easily.
This Shag rug is one of the newest fiber textures. It is felted wool and the fibers are almost two inches long and half inch think. These rugs are beautiful to look at and so cushy to walk on.

These kinds of shags do not stand up well in high traffic areas. Keep in mind that the fibers mushroom out after being walked on for awhile and this cannot be fixed.

Shag area rugs are the high maintenance area rugs. You need to vacuum them and get them professionally cleaned more often than regular area rugs. Vacuuming can be bothersome, but by turning the rug upside down and vacuuming the back first and then using the upholstery brush on the top fibers you will remove a lot more of the loose dirt, plus you may find a few lost treasures too.

Shag rugs are an easy way to give any room a burst of colour and texture, just keep in mind that they require more attention and care when it comes to keeping them looking their best.
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

>Another Shag Story

>If you have ever tried to vacuum a shag you know the frustration of having the rug fibers get stuck in the rotating brush. Shag rug are not easy to vacuum using the rotating brush or even the vacuum itself.

I had previously written about the best way to vacuum your shag area rug. Here is another way to remove even more loose dirt from your shag. By using the little upholstery brush, that we hardly use, it grabs the dirt and not the rug.

Shag rugs require more care and attention than most rugs. Using suction only to vacuum the loose dirt cuts down on your work and frustration. By turning the rug upside down first and vibrating the loose dirt closer to the tops of the fibers, then use the brush to vacuum the fibers you are making your shag last longer.

Thanks for reading, Ruglovermary

>The Best way to Vacuum a Shag Rug

>There is no point in denying it Shag Area Rugs are back in fashion. They come in many different colours, textures and fibers. They compliment any decor and pets love them. They are not my favorite type of rug due to the fact that they are high maintenance.

Yes Shags are very high maintenance. They need to be cleaned more often than lower pile rugs, and they need to be vacuumed carefully. Here is a short video showing how to get a lot more loose dirt out of your shag rug

Shag rugs should be vacuumed weekly. Since the fibers of a shag rug act like Velcro they trap dirt easier than most other rugs, along with earrings, small toys, coins, and crayons. Those are just a few of the things we find hiding in shag rugs when they come in for cleaning.

Shag rugs are nostalgic for some and retro chic for others, no matter why you fell in love with your shag remember that it needs lots of attention in the cleaning department. You paid a lot for your shag make the most of your investment by vacuuming often and shaking out the lost treasures.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

>A New Trend in Shag Area Rugs

> I write this post for educational purposes for area rug buyers.

I am not saying that you should not buy this type of area rug, I am simply stating the pros and cons of this particular shag area rug.

Luv-A-Rug received two of this type of felt shag area rug within the same week, they had different owners, but the same cleaning needs.

You can find these area rugs in different colours and textures at most area rug galleries.

As with choosing any area rug think about where it will be used in your home.

These rugs do not like highly used areas as they absorb any moisture like a sponge and can stain very easily.

The fibers of these rugs also trap dirt and it is very hard to remove. The fibers mushroom out as you walk on it and they cannot be made straight again.

The best place for these rugs is in a room that doesn’t get used very much. This is the kind of area rug looks so great in a store display that it is hard not to walk on it and enjoy the plushness of it. Each fiber of these rugs is almost two inches long and a half inch wide and even dry these rugs are heavy.

The first time I saw this kind of shag was March of 2008 in a few local rug galleries. I enjoyed looking at them, but knew that cleaning and maintenance would be challenging.

These shag rugs are very unique and add a great dimension to any room you use them in.

At Luv-A-Rug we educate our clients on area rugs, with recommendations as to where to buy area rugs and suggest what type of area rug may work best for their needs.

If you have any area rug questions, please drop by #2-4144 Wilkinson Rd, call 250-475-3922 or e-mail

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary