Dirty means time to clean not replace

After a dull, wet winter our area rugs have taken a beating. They have trapped in lot of loose dirty, salt, sand, and mud and after a few months of this they look really grubby. At Luv-A-Rug, in Victoria BC, we clean area rugs that barely look dirty to ones that are more dirt than rug.

Here is one runner that came in very dirty, you can barely see the original colours of the rug. This rug will get a lot of badgering (which is where we vibrate your rugs upside down to remove the deep down dirt), and many cleanings to restore this rug.

After we clean this rug I will do a follow-up blog post to show how it cleans up.

Luv-A-Rug understands that you can be embarrassing by the shape of your rugs, don’t be, we have seen rugs in all states of dirtiness. We care about restoring your rugs to a lovable state and making you happy. We take care of every type of spill, pet accident, moth damage, mold, odours, and dirt.

We are Woolsafe approved company and highly recommended by Persian Rug Guide Cleaners.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary- caring for all types of rugs in Victoria BC

How and where to find a Reputable Rug and Carpet cleaner

If you never had to hire a carpet or rug cleaner, it can be hard to sort through the countless companies in your city.

How can you choose one that is reputable, does a professional job, stands behind what they do, and won’t price scam you?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place to find a list of pre-screened rug and carpet cleaning companies?

Well I am here to tell you that such a place exists.

Your first place to search for a rug and carpet cleaner in the USA, Canada and even the UK is the Persian Carpet Guide, scroll down the page until you find your city.

Barry O’Connell from SpongoBongo.com has done the hard work for you. He has chosen the best cleaners in many cities using a strict list of guidelines. The companies must be ethical, have the correct training to clean rugs, have a functional website, professional, and clean with the correct methods.

If you don’t find a cleaner in your city, call one from a city close to you to see if they also clean in your area.

In Victoria BC, Luv-A-Rug is your Wool Safe certified area rug cleaners. We care about your rugs and are trained to care for them, making your rugs clean and healthy for your home.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary- passionate about your rugs

I travelled to 3 countries in 6 minutes

Yes, it is possible to travel at warp speed to any where in the world via the internet 🙂

Today in 4 minutes I saw Argentina in reverse thanks to JoshyWashington and in 2 minutes I saw Morocco and Spain thanks to 4000 photos by Mike Matas.

I did not go looking for either site today, they came to me. I first looked at the blog by Eric Warren because his blog is featured on Freshly Pressed today when I sighed onto WordPress.  His blog was about climbing Mt. Rainer in Washington State and since I live just across the water in Victoria, BC, Canada I had to read about it. Then in his twitter feed he wrote “You’ve never see a travel video like this one..”, so I had to check it out and off to Argentina I went.

On the right side of that page was other links and that lead me to the 4000 pictures in 2 minutes of Morocco and Spain. All that and I never had to deal with line ups, smelly airports and delays. How wonderful!

Surfing on the internet and being lead in different directions reminds me of how my passion for area rugs got started. I knew nothing about rugs except that they existed when I started at Luv-A-Rug in 2007. As I started seeing more and more different types of rugs, reading books about rugs, learning from the boss, and rug blogs/websites I discovered that rugs were more than just a floor covering. They are amazing pieces of art.

Just like the travel videos and blogs where one leads me to another, one aspect of area rugs lead me further and further into how they were made and why. These usable pieces of art have a magnificent history of war, blood shed, happiness, love, fallen Dynasties, empowerment, I could go on but you get the point.

The most interesting part of learning about rugs is that the back of the rug tells you the most about the rug. It shows you the weaving technique, how many knots per square inch, any forgotten spills, what type of weaver made the rug, if they used different batches of wool to weave the rug (abrash lines), so much more that the front of the rug says. Design and colour are one of the last things you use to identify an area rug.

Looking at this photo there is no way of telling how the rug was made or by who. All you can say is that the pattern is Oriental inspired, it is cream and blue with hints of teal. I like this rug very much because of the subtle diamond motifs around the center circle and the colours. But without seeing the back you can only guess at the type of rug it is.

This rug is an actual Chinese hand-knotted rug, since I do not have a photo of the back of the rug you are going to have to trust me.

As with most things we are passionate about there is no end to the amount of knowledge you can learn. Barry O’Connell is so knowledgeable that he can tell what area of the world a rug was woven because of the shade of green they used. Specific colours are made from certain plants, leaves, bugs, soil and because of this you can tell where the wool was dyed and by whom.

I find that absolutely amazing. In the ocean of area rug knowledge I know rain droplets compared to people like Barry and my boss, Dusty, but knowing people like this helps me learn more all the time.

It is this knowledge that sets Luv-A-Rug apart from everyone else when it comes to area rug cleaning. We care about your rugs and where they came from, how they are made and the best way to clean them and help them last for decades to come.

Next time you are killing time on your computer just relax and let the web take you by the hand and lead you to all kinds of neat and wonder websites and blogs.

When it comes time to clean your rugs contact Luv-A-Rug in Victoria BC 250-590-6210/1-800-886-2802, www.luvarug.com and we will take good care of your rugs. For the rest of the world find a rug cleaner in your town who is passionate about rugs and a certified Wool Safe cleaner.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary, my name says it all!

>Using Snow as a Area Rug cleaner?!

>Once a week I cruise on over to Google Blog Search and do a search for area rug cleaning blogs.

I find out what others are writing about and find topics I may want to write about as well. A lot of blogs recommend using equipment and cleaning solutions not made for area rugs, especially WOOL area rugs.

It is perceived that rugs are just like synthetic wall to wall carpet. That is true if you had left over carpet made into a rug. Hand knotted and machine made area rugs require specialized care and cleaning.

I know those blog post exists to help save money, but if your rug gets ruined by using unprofessional advice and you have to buy a new one how does that save you money?

Getting your area rugs cleaned by a professional rug company can cost more than you expected, but it is done right and your rug will last longer and be healthy.

Today I read a blog about cleaning your wool area rug in the snow. It is a practiced way of do-it-yourself cleaning in European countries for decades.

The blog describes step by step how to clean your rug with snow, I am confused as to how this process deodorizes the rug. Snow is froze water with no emulsifiers (detergents), degreasers or enzymes to scrub away the causes of odour.

What they show is our first step in rug cleaning, without the snow. Luv-A-Rug turns your area rugs upside down over a grid and vibrates out the loose dirt, debris, allergens. This is done with the Rug Badger an we call it Badgering.

We an just badger your area rugs, but when we do this we also tell you that Badgering doesn’t remove spots, stains or odours.

When you do search for ways to clean and care for spills on the Internet, keep in mind that not all information is correct. Not all cleaning products work for every rug.

When a wet spill happens it is best to BLOT it using a WHITE COTTON towel and keep the area damp and get it to your professional rug cleaner as soon as possible. The sooner we can get to a spill the less likely it will become a stain.

Read the labels of the spot cleaners, if it doesn’t say wool safe or have the wool safe symbol on it it will not be good for your wool rug. We hear stories where it may have worked once, but there are too many factors to gurantee it will always work every time.

Here is a letter written to Barry O’Connell of www.spongbongo.com about using snow as a great way to get off loose dirt, lint and pet hair. He doesn’t say that it will do anything more than that.

The other sites I looked at all say that it is a great way to get rid of the loose dirt without getting the rug too wet. When you remove the loose dirt from your rug it will look brighter because it is the loose dirt that makes a rug look dull, unless it is a synthetic rug.

Synthetic rugs look dull from walking on it regardless of how much cleaning is done to them. The fibers lose their sheen as soon as they are walked on and there is no way to replace it.

If you live in a place that gets a lot of snow and want to freshen up your area rugs, this is a good way. Just keep in mind that for a deep sanitizing clean you need to take your rugs to a professional area rug cleaner.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

Rug Appreciation Morning

I cannot believe how fast the hours are fading away today. I knew that it would be a busy day for us at Luv-A-Rug due to the fact that we were closed for three days. We are normally closed on Sunday and Monday and with Tuesday being a stat. day, I had three days off in a row, yippee for me.

I am going to stray from area rugs for a moment and let you know how weird I am. Monday night I got home around midnight and was bored and needed something to do, so I decided to move the living room furniture around. The only problem was that I needed to clean the carpet first, so at 1am in the morning, on Tuesday, there I was shampooing my carpet. I love that I don’t have upstairs neighbours right now! I haven’t moved the furniture yet, but at least the carpet is cleaned.
Okay back to work. It is already 3:30 and I feel very behind in my daily routine, but I can only do so much in a day.

I am blogging today about an exciting event happening at Emmanuel’s Rug & Upholstery Cleaners on 1105 Rainier Ave So. in Seattle, WA, USA on Saturday Dec. 6 from 10am-12pm. It is called a rug appreciation morning. For those of us who have never heard of a rug appreciation morning it is an informal, but informational, gathering where people bring in their area rugs to share or find out the history of their area rug. I am hoping to attend, but it will take some planning. The guest of honour will be none other than Mr. Barry O’Connell of www.spongobongo.com. To be apart of this event it would be best to get there early as there is no reservations, but seating will be limited, phone 206-322-2200 for more details. The success of this rug appreciation morning may led to other such events.
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary