>Area rug knowledge for everyone in Victoria BC and beyond!

>Wouldn’t it be nice to know how to tell the different types of area rugs apart, to know the benefits and issues of them and to know what rug works best with kids and pets?

I try to explain that about each rug that I write about, but it isn’t all in the same place. You have to go through a lot of blogs to find what I wrote about different kinds of rugs. You can always buy books about rugs, but where do you find the time to read them and then try to understand everything.

On this beautiful sunny day in Victoria, BC a fabulous lady brought in her 3 hand knotted wool area rugs for cleaning. We got talking about area rugs and the different types and she suggested that we give a course on area rugs. Do it at that local college on Saturday mornings she said. What a great idea!

No one offers such a course or seminar that I have heard of. When you go to area rug galleries they will tell you the story behind the rugs, but not all staff know about cleaning and care of the rugs. It isn’t after you have used an area rug and take it in for cleaning that you learn anything about your rug.

Here in Victoria at Luv-A-Rug we explain the type of rug you have, where it was made and any other interesting tidbits about it. If more people had our knowledge there would be a lot less rugs that get tossed into the landfills every year.

There are some glitches in doing such a course, but overall it would be a great service to provide.Until there is such a course for area rug knowledge, I am here plugging away about area rugs.

If there is anything you want to know about area rugs do not hesitate to leave a question in the comment box, or if you live in Victoria, Vancouver Island the Gulf islands or anywhere else around the Salish sea give me a call at 250-590-6210/1800-886-2802 and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary, Your Victoria, Vancouver Island and Salish sea, wool area rug cleaning expert.

>Pets+Pepper+Rugs=Happy Home


A good way to deter pets from having accidents on your precious rugs

 You finally found the perfect area rug, it is everything you needed for your home. You proudly take your rug home and put it in place. As you are sitting there chatting with your mom about what a great area rug you found, cute adorable Rover walks over to the rug and lifts his leg.
You are in shock at what you just saw happen.  You jump up and quickly clean up the accident.
It can happen to the best trained pet. When they discover a new item in their house, they have to mark it as theirs. If this went unnoticed your pet could start using your precious rug as a bathroom, thus possibly ruining your rug.
Thankfully, there is a way deter pets from your rug as soon as you put it on the floor and that is Pepper.
I know sounds a bit weird, but after your pet sniffs the pepper they will avoid that area. You don’t need to use a lot, nor do you usually need to put it all over the rug. Sprinkling it just around the edges usually works. One application of pepper should be enough to keep pets away from the rug.
As long as the pepper doesn’t get wet it won’t stain your rug and it is easily vacuumed up. Pepper can also be sprinkled any where you need to deter pets. 
For your cats favorite chair to scratch, take some clear packing tape, make a loop with the tape with the sticky side facing out, stick the tape to the area they scratch at and sprinkle pepper to the side facing out. 
In rare cases your pet may not be detracted by the pepper, but it isn’t very often that this would happen. Pepper doesn’t feel very nice when it is inhaled. 
When using pepper of any kind make sure the area is kept dry, so that no staining occurs and vacuum it up after a couple of days so it doesn’t attract other unwanted pests.
If you have other methods of keeping pets from bad behavior please share them. It is a common problem that may pet owners are faced with. It is frustrating when our precious items get destroyed by our beloved pets. Any suggestions you have are greatly appreciated.
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary, your Victoria and Vancouver Island BC Canada,  rug cleaning expert! 

>Area rugs and Lantern oil- It is fixable


Not many of us own the old style oil lanterns. Lanterns were our backup light source when the power went out when I as growing up. I had one in my room that attached to the wall.

Here is a picture of one that I hi-jacked from the Internet courtesy of http://www.easychinasupply.com (not an endorsement). I remember having to trim the wick and the awful smell of the lantern oil and how I was to never play with it, which I never did Mom, yeah sure.

These lanterns are still used today and one meet an area rug a few months ago. A couple moved from Alberta Canada to Victoria, BC, Canada and just before the move a lantern fell on the rug.

The rug is a custom-made rug. The middle embossing was a replica of the couples coffee table edging. Great detail work by the Calgary company who made the rug. The backing came unglued when the lantern oil meet it causing the rug to ripple front and back.

Now when you first look at this rug you may think why even bother. It is too far gone to make it usable again. We picked up the rug and brought it to our shop to have our repair tech look at it. He knew he could reattached the backing, but he wasn’t sure as to how the top would even out. It isn’t easy to know until you open up the back and see what exactly the lantern did.

As it turned out the front flatten out to make the rug usable and lovable again. The back isn’t pretty looking, but it is a small thing compared to having to replace the whole rug.

If this rug could not have been fixed another option could have been to trim down the rug. We could have made it square or into a circle. Not all is lost when an accident happens to your rug, it just can seem that way.

If your rug should ever have a bad accident happen bring it to Luv-A-Rug, we will assess your options. We are located at 445 Beta St (off Alpha St) Victoria, BC 250-590-6210/1800-886-2802

For more info on rug cleaning or repair, go to our website at www.luvarug.com

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary making area rugs lovable after accidents happen.

>Mr. Sweeper, more then just Vacuums

>In August of 2008 I wrote about our new vacuum, the Dyson, which we purchased from Mister Sweeper. I have some great, green news:

The owner/operator of Mister Sweeper Vacuums is Scott Kelly.
Besides carrying the best vacuums, from canister to central vacs, Mister Sweeper also carries Gentle Earth cleaning products.

All natural cleaning products for every cleaning job. As the movement is on to think more about the earth’s future and not just our own.

Gentle Earth has the cleaning products to make us feel better about cleaning and not adding bad chemicals to our home’s atmosphere.

To be even more enviro-friendly when you buy a new vacuum from Mister Sweeper will recycle your old one so that it doesn’t sit in the land fill. How great is that?

Luv-A-Rug has had excellent service from Scott and his staff and highly recommends Mister Sweeper as the place in Victoria and Duncan to buy your next vacuum. The after sales service and vacuum recycling sets them apart from everyone else.

When your vacuum has had it’s last gulp of dust, take it to Mr. Sweeper and get a bright shiny new one that will fit your household needs. For all your vacuum sales, service and repair needs it is Mr. Sweeper!

Mr. Sweeper 3561 Ravine Way, Victoria, BC (off Blanshard by Save on Foods and Tim Horton’s in Saanich Plaza) 250-475-3454

Mr. Sweeper 2-378 Trunk Rd, Duncan, BC 250-748-1962

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

>A Stolen Area Rug

>Today we had a very old wool Persian antique rug come in from a regular client in the Ten mile point area of Victoria BC.

He wants this rug cleaned and wrapped in Tyvek for long term storage and protection against moisture and moths. This rug has damaged ends and sides and will degrade quickly with use. It is important to have your rug repaired if you are going to continue using it otherwise the rug will then need very expensive restoration work.

The area rug owner asked us hat we could tell him about his rug. He did not not know much about it so my boss Dusty did a quick video inspection and then the client mentioned that this rug was in-fact stolen! I have posted this video up on the Rug Hub on-line community message board for area rug cleaning experts from around the world so they can help with a positive id.

Watch the video to see for yourself.

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary

Have you been Sucked up?

Today I feel renewed. Thank you to all who commented on my blog yesterday, it is much appreciated. I know that we can all lose our passion for our jobs or careers, it is of some comfort to know that it can happen to the best of us. Why is it harder to get it back than it was to lose it? Now onto today’s subject, the vacuum!
Have you had your DYSON vacuum experience yet? We here at Luv-a-Rug have. We have the yellow model (yes that is the technical term for this model, yellow) of the Dyson vacuum and it works pretty good. I love that it gets a lot of pet hair off the rugs so we don’t have to use a lint brush as much. The bag less canister is wonderful, just press a button and the bottom opens up to release the dirt and rug fluff. The handle pulls up to become the hand tool and comes with three attachments for furniture and crevices.

The Dyson rolls smoothly on rugs and self adjusts to any height. It is easy to switch from beater bar to suction by using your foot or hand to turn the orange button on the head of the vacuum. I find the Dyson is quieter that other vacuums. I can hear the phone ring and don’t have to yell if I need to say something to a co-worker.

If you live in Victoria or Duncan, BC, Canada you can see the guys at Mr Sweeper to get your Dyson experience.
In Victoria: 3561 Ravine Way (in Saanich Plaza) phone # 250-475-3454
Duncan: #2-378 Trunk Rd. phone # 250-748-1962, or visit their website at

They have the vacuum to suit your needs.
Thanks for reading RugloverMary