The Down Side of Rug Cleaning

It is another lovely rainy week in Victoria, B.C. I have made Victoria, B.C., Canada my home for the last eleven years and every winter I wonder why. I do not like the dreary grey weather we get five months every winter. I grew up with snow, freezing windchill factors and sun.
My point to all this is that due to the lack of sunlight I am not always feeling the best of spirits 24/7 in the winter. I do my best not to let it show at work, but when a cleaning or repair job doesn’t meet clients expectations it really affects me.
Since clients do not use our terminology things can happen that they didn’t want to. An example of this happened today about an hour ago.
The pictures below are of an indu-persian runner, 2×10 feet. It is a very interesting area rug, as you can see the rug has bright pink coral motifs in the center. This was not a re-dye. It looks like the weaver started with using the coral and ran out, so they changed to an orange. I can tell by the many lines of abrash (colour changes in the wool or dye batches. The colour change is across the width of the rug) that they were using small batches of wool dyed at different times. I would guess that the coral ran out and they couldn’t make any more. The coral stops just after the center motifs.

This is the beginning or the rug.

This is the end of the rug with no coral.

The pink coral is the focal point to this rug and is a usual colour to see in an indu-persian wool area rugs, at least in my experience.
The client wanted a new fringe on the rug and through mis-communication and mis-understanding the ends were serged instead.
The rug is now going to get a new fringe put on. At Luv-A-Rug our guarantee is that if you are not 100% thrilled with the results it is free*. The cleaning and repair results are discussed when the rug is first inspected with the clients.
Hopefully the client will be happier after the fringe is replaced, no charge to her of course nor for the serging.
Unfortunately mis-communication happens in this business as with life no matter how much we try to make ourselves clear. Since we cannot see into other people’s minds, I would love to have telepathic abilities, we have to do everything we can to make it right if a mistake was made.

Until I get a good sign off line,RugloverMary.