>Area rugs and Lantern oil- It is fixable


Not many of us own the old style oil lanterns. Lanterns were our backup light source when the power went out when I as growing up. I had one in my room that attached to the wall.

Here is a picture of one that I hi-jacked from the Internet courtesy of http://www.easychinasupply.com (not an endorsement). I remember having to trim the wick and the awful smell of the lantern oil and how I was to never play with it, which I never did Mom, yeah sure.

These lanterns are still used today and one meet an area rug a few months ago. A couple moved from Alberta Canada to Victoria, BC, Canada and just before the move a lantern fell on the rug.

The rug is a custom-made rug. The middle embossing was a replica of the couples coffee table edging. Great detail work by the Calgary company who made the rug. The backing came unglued when the lantern oil meet it causing the rug to ripple front and back.

Now when you first look at this rug you may think why even bother. It is too far gone to make it usable again. We picked up the rug and brought it to our shop to have our repair tech look at it. He knew he could reattached the backing, but he wasn’t sure as to how the top would even out. It isn’t easy to know until you open up the back and see what exactly the lantern did.

As it turned out the front flatten out to make the rug usable and lovable again. The back isn’t pretty looking, but it is a small thing compared to having to replace the whole rug.

If this rug could not have been fixed another option could have been to trim down the rug. We could have made it square or into a circle. Not all is lost when an accident happens to your rug, it just can seem that way.

If your rug should ever have a bad accident happen bring it to Luv-A-Rug, we will assess your options. We are located at 445 Beta St (off Alpha St) Victoria, BC 250-590-6210/1800-886-2802

For more info on rug cleaning or repair, go to our website at www.luvarug.com

Thanks for reading, RugloverMary making area rugs lovable after accidents happen.

>Rug luvable again

>When it comes to old, worn out, or stained fringes you have a couple of options for remedying them. Depending on the factors of the type of rug, where you use the rug, and budget we have fix that will suit you and your area rug.
First off we can replace the fringes with a machine sewn fringe. The old fringes are cut off and a synthetic ribbon is sewn on to the edge of the rug. The new fringes are then sewn on to the top of the rug. Luv-A-Rug cleaners in Victoria has different fringes to choose from in three different colours, white, golden, grey. We like to choose a colour of fringe that best compliments the area rug. We can also hand weave new fringes as mentioned in a previous blog.

When you are tired of the vacuum having lunch with the fringes, or if the fringes get too dingy we can remove them completely. A serged or overcast stitched edge adds a nice clean look to your rug. We use synthetic fiber for serging as it lasts longer than say cotton or wool and is less expensive and more readily available. We match the best colour to your rug so that it blends with the rug. Serging is a great option for most area rugs.
For flat woven rugs or thin rugs we recommend binding. Binding is a 1/4 inch synthetic ribbon that is sewn on the edge of your rug. Binding is also best for left over carpet pieces. Old dingy worn fringes can make you rug look old and not very lovable. Let Luv-A-Rug cleaners add the love back into your rug with new fringes or a nice clean edge. 250-475-3922 www.luvarug.com
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary, your local Victoria BC rug cleaner and serging expert!

>A New Trend in Shag Area Rugs

> I write this post for educational purposes for area rug buyers.

I am not saying that you should not buy this type of area rug, I am simply stating the pros and cons of this particular shag area rug.

Luv-A-Rug received two of this type of felt shag area rug within the same week, they had different owners, but the same cleaning needs.

You can find these area rugs in different colours and textures at most area rug galleries.

As with choosing any area rug think about where it will be used in your home.

These rugs do not like highly used areas as they absorb any moisture like a sponge and can stain very easily.

The fibers of these rugs also trap dirt and it is very hard to remove. The fibers mushroom out as you walk on it and they cannot be made straight again.

The best place for these rugs is in a room that doesn’t get used very much. This is the kind of area rug looks so great in a store display that it is hard not to walk on it and enjoy the plushness of it. Each fiber of these rugs is almost two inches long and a half inch wide and even dry these rugs are heavy.

The first time I saw this kind of shag was March of 2008 in a few local rug galleries. I enjoyed looking at them, but knew that cleaning and maintenance would be challenging.

These shag rugs are very unique and add a great dimension to any room you use them in.

At Luv-A-Rug we educate our clients on area rugs, with recommendations as to where to buy area rugs and suggest what type of area rug may work best for their needs.

If you have any area rug questions, please drop by #2-4144 Wilkinson Rd, call 250-475-3922 or e-mail mary.luvarug@shaw.ca

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A bit of Moth Excitement!!





Today I got very excited on the inside and a little excited on the outside when I was doing my visual inspection of a British India area rug today. It is spooky how I seem to zoom in on moth casings. Not only was there lots of moth casings there was a live larvae!! It seemed to be newly hatched because it was still clear and very small. I couldn’t find it again to snap a picture of it. It hid back into the rug when I pulled out some fibers. The rug was sadly sent for disposal. A little tiny worm like rug eater got my passion stirring. The pictures show some of the moth-eaten damage and their excrement. If you have an area rug that is under a piece of furniture that you cannot vacuum under, you might want to move the furniture and look for rice shaped objects. They will be the colour of you area rug and there maybe lots of concentrated sand looking dirt. Luv-A-Rug can help you if you find moth evidence on your are rug.
I told the client to go home and inspect their other rugs and woolens for moth activity. If you would like to know more about moths visit our website www.luvarug.com.
Onto an unrelated topic. Yesterday I was waiting for my bus and at the bus stop I saw two purple flowers growing in the grass. They stirred something in me so I took a couple of photos and then¬†tweaked them. As I looked at them I thought ‘beauty in chaos’ since there were no other flowers near by just some weeds and garbage. With it being an anniversary of 911 it seem appropriate to see beauty surrounded by chaos. That is all I want to write today so…….
Thank you for reading, RugloverMary